The Flea Theater’s THE MYSTERIES

Stephen Stout as Peter
Stephen Stout as Peter

Ed Iskandar is a genius.  He has mounted an epic play of bibilical proportion- literally! A cast of 54 — including a 19-member angel chorus — performed 50 short plays over a five and a half to six hours— with lush music, complex choreography.  I haven’t even felt that it was that long.  It helps if you are familiar with the bible but not necessary. What Iskandar has shown is that it is not about the words written but the message of love.  Which I think is very applicable to our current events.  So many righteous people follow the bible blindly word for word as if God literally wrote it.  But it’s not.  That’s the point.

I applaud The Flea, The Bats and Iskandar and co. for mounting this excellent production-  it is a must! If you love New York Theater, this is an event you should not miss.

The chorus, the songs have added emotional content and I love it! The ensemble is amazing- a well-knit group.  But I discovered, it’s not the length of your role but the performance that makes one outstanding.  Stephen Stout as Peter was heartbreaking as he denied knowing Jesus three times— the anguish in his face brought me to tears.  The part where two assassins are trying to save a baby was also heart-tugging.  There are so many highlights but these two scenes touched me.

As for the nudity, each Act has a nude scene. In Act One- Jaspal Binning as Adam is in the nude for almost — seemed like half an hour– and the stage is well lit! You can see every nook and cranny of Jaspal.  I don’t know why he pulled his foreskin back, ( I don’t think Adam is cut lol).  But I love his hairy armpits, and hairy ass, and his cock and balls on display is just yummy!

In Act Two- Kyle Hines as Lazarus showed us his tight body, and beautiful cock, circumcised, thick and well trimmed pubes. Elijah Tricon who played Abel in Act I- is the pisser.  I clearly saw him pissing.  He has a circumcised cock.

In Act 3- Colin Waitt as Jesus exposed his six pack abs and low hanging balls, circumcised cock.

I agree with welq. There are 2 rows of seats, left and right rows. Each rows are divided in the middle.  I sat on the left upper half and I saw all the nude scenes clearly including the pissing scene.

Colin Waitt
Colin Waitt

NUDITY RATING: Super 5!!!!



  1. Jaspal Binning was the guy who masturbated in Flea’s previous production – JOB. I sat on the right side audience closer to center partition and I did see Elijah Trichon pissing on the girls up close. If you want to see more of Jesus (Collin Waitt) naked you should sitt closer to the rows of seats near the entrance.

    I find these actors very cute and friendly – Karsten Otto (Joseph), Alex J. Gould (Matthew), Alex Saife (Cain/Pontius Pilate), Peter Sansbury (Judas/Noah) and Ricardo Davila (Jude) – he was in the another play with male nudity Mariquitas, Other than Karsten – they were shirtless at one point or another in the Mysteries.

  2. One of the actors said they have 3 opening nights because they can’t get all playwrights together at the same time.

  3. Thanks for all the info, guys. It’s true Binning had a super-brief frontal in Job (foreskin intact), but only if you were sitting dead center, while Kyle Hines posed shirtless for the 2012 Men of APAC (a Queens theater company) calendar, for which he was interviewed: “It was so much fun, and totally stress-free.” Imagine how we feel!

  4. Thanks guys for all the info… There are 4 levels of tickets. Which one should we get for the best views that you describe above? $15 – $35 – $55 – $75 (which price is right side center or near entrance?)

  5. It’s actually general admission so any of those prices would take you to the seats described above. Just make sure you are at the front of the line when the house opens so you can grab the good seats. The lower price tickets are available 1 hour before the show if they are not fully sold out yet.

  6. Finally got to see this the other night. What an amazing production. Very ambitious but very well done. I loved the interaction between the cast and audience during intermissions. They were very friendly and talkative! It was a nice touch.

    I wish they had focused a little more on the Old Testament. There are so many interesting stories in there and some of the post-crucifixion scenes seemed superfluous. But that would be my only complaint and its a minor one.

    The nudity did not disappoint! Gotta love the Garden of Eden and naked Jesus! All three of the nude guys (and the two nude gals) were gorgeous. And Colin Waitt is ripped!

    There really aren’t any bad seats to view it though center is probably best, for both the nudity and viewing the play. I was a little off center and still had a good view. I heard the show might extend past its current run so if you have a free night go see it. There are also $35 rush tickets most nights. The run time definitely does not feel like 5 and a half hours – I have been to 90 minute plays that felt longer.

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