Haskell Afterclap



First picture: Haskell King, in a nude press photo for AFTERCLAP. Second picture: Haskell, first row, crouching, with beard, in TAKE ME OUT.


To honor the fine actors who are also the greatest skinners ever to grace the NY stage and beyond, I propose a Nude Hall of Fame, for the very select, very few actors who have proved distinction with:

–Number of nude scenes

–Extent of exposure (front and rear)

–Length of exposure (minutes of nude stage time)

–Nature of exposure (hard-ons, showing hole, or otherwise going above and beyond the call of nude duty)

We should always show the love for any actor who takes it off—even more love for the many who’ve done so in a lengthy nude scene. But it’s the actors who’ve gone explicitly full-frontal repeatedly who get special recognition! So, to start the “balls rolling” with …


STATS: 4 nude scenes; 3 full-frontal; 4 ass

DISTINCTIONS: semi-hard on, live pissing, taint, taking showers on stage

KNOWN FOR: nude scenes over 10 minutes, an oversize cut cock head, large penis, zero body fat, abs, chiseled, Godlike/perfect body

It seems only fitting that the 2010 double winner of the first MNNYS Nudie Award as “Best Nude Actor” and for “Most Provocative Nude Scene” in AFTERCLAP be the first inductee. Haskell is a true all-star who has done 3 nude scenes in NYC, plus a tour of duty out of town with TAKE ME OUT. The stats: 4 nude scenes overall, with 3 full-frontals & 4 ass (oh that ass!), including one show played in a thong his entire stage time.

Haskell’s minutes spent nude on stage have been full of audacity. In a series of lengthy, unhurried scenes that involve showers, condoms, wood, taint…he’s given it all.

Haskell started skinning way back in 2003, when he made his nude NY debut in SWEET EROS, entering dripping wet from a shower and full-frontally nude. (He first came to my attention through our moderator’s review of this show on his Yahoo  group page.) Then he took his cock out of town for TAKE ME OUT (and I happened to be in Florida at the time). TMO is every brave actor’s tour of nude duty, and of course Haskell served with distinction (and took anther shower for us). Then came his legendary nude turn in AFTERCLAP, which started with a 5-minute pre-show ass show, offering up a thrilling display of his hairy man cunt as the audience entered the theatre (and we all wanted to enter him). Haskell held nothing back: the show began with him rousing, turning to us, revealing he was wearing only a condom, then slowly pulling that clinging condom off his half-stiff prick (I recall he really had to puuuull to get the latex off his supersize cut cock head), standing, lifting his ballsack to examine his taint (!), then walked his jiggling manhood through the salivating audience and into an open toilet where he, in a finale, pissed in front of everyone. Then he walked his dick back through the audience and back on stage to put on clothes. And that was all in the first 15 minutes!

In TURNABOUT, he spent his entire stage time in an outrageous thong that revealed a yummy sprouting of pubes, and he turned around repeatedly to show off (again) that delectable boy pussy. What cum-inducing vision of male fuckitude: six-pack abs, teasing fluff of bush sticking out of his thong, and generous views of that rapeable ass for 20 minutes.

Astounding, magnificent, fearless, with the body and face of a young god, and a penis to make lesser mortals weep in shame, Haskell truly is King, a nude stage legend.






The King, and in a press photo for AFTERCLAP.


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