Remember REEVE CARNEY of the infamous SPIDERMAN: THE MUSICAL? ???????????????????????????

Reeve Carney in Spiderman the Musical
Reeve Carney in Spiderman the Musical

He is in a new Showtime series PENNY DREADFUL led by Josh Hartnett.

Penny.Dreadful.S01E02.1080i.HDTV.DD5.1.MPEG2-NTb_15-54-53_Yes, I’ll admit it — I’m kinda liking this show.  Give it a try.  Every Sunday night. But the best part, they always have male nudity! And for the second episode, our Spidey showed his butt!

Penny.Dreadful.S01E02.1080i.HDTV.DD5.1.MPEG2-NTb_15-56-38_ Penny.Dreadful.S01E02.1080i.HDTV.DD5.1.MPEG2-NTb_15-56-10_-1 Penny.Dreadful.S01E02.1080i.HDTV.DD5.1.MPEG2-NTb_15-56-04_ Penny.Dreadful.S01E02.1080i.HDTV.DD5.1.MPEG2-NTb_15-56-01_ Here’s hoping he will show more. What a cute ass!

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  1. there seemed to be a better through-the-legs-from-behind shot of Josh Hartnett. Balls? Dick? Somethin was there. June 1 episode.

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