The message of the show is very timely as Russia curtails LGBT rights. Alexander Kargaltsev’s CREMATORIUM is a lyrical multi-media presentation that focused on a gay couple discovered as gay by some homophobes, leading to the titular death sentence, the Crematorium. This show is banned in Moscow. For a very small budget show, I think they have presented it well. The music, choreography, lighting and video presentations were very good. One of the actress sang in Russian and her voice was very nice.

As for the nudity, it was only in the beginning and towards the latter part of the show. As you walk in, you can see the backside of the 2 male actors, Pasha Sol and Stefan Lefferts lying down on the floor.  As the show starts, Greg Genute enters, running and hysterical, in the nude.  As Greg enters, Pasha and Stefan starts to get dressed.  I had to make the choice on who should I look at. 3 gorgeous actors in the nude. I don’t know who to look at.

Greg Genute has a swimmers built with nice thick pubic hair and cute cock. It seemed cut from where I was sitting.

Greg Genute
Greg Genute

Pasha Sol is the one who got naked twice, towards the latter part of the show, his nudity is longer. He has a very cute face, big ass and nice uncut cock. He has trimmed pubes.

Pasha Sol
Pasha Sol

Here is his video reel.

Stefan Lefferts was nude in the beginning only like Greg. He is the one who gets dressed the fastest but I got a glimpse of his shaved crotch and uncut cock. He is your typical twink. Isn’t his nipples very suckable?

Stefan Lefferts
Stefan Lefferts

The space is small so any seat is good but the best will be the audience left if you want to see Greg and Stefan nude in the beginning and audience right if you want to see more of Pasha at the end.

NUDITY RATING: 4 (Recommended)

The show runs only from May 29- June 2 at Shelter Studios and June 11-14 at Gene Frankel Theater. Tickets can be purchased here and here:

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  1. Thanks for the review! For those interested, the full performance is available for rent or to own via vimeo: The rental is only 1.99 which isn’t bad. The only problem is that the video is shot from the back so there are no close-ups. You can see the nudity but from far away. I imagine seeing the show in person is a much better, full-filling experience but its nice to have video available as well.

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