1. Finally seeing The Mysterious this weekend and am more confused than ever where to sit. Everybody agrees that center is the best, but LEFT or RIGHT — there are more opposing views on that than political left & right. Help!

    1. Welq, I would recommend sitting in the first row, first section on the right as close to center as you can (that will make sense when you see the theater setup). The actor playing Adam stands opposite that side for a good chunk of his role. Honestly though close to center in any of the four sections gives a great view.

  2. So I was checking out the updated program and there were some cast changes with the new extension. The bad news is that Jaspal Binning is no longer with the show. The good news is that the former Lazarus, Kyle Hines, has taken over the role of Adam. Jack Gilbert, last featured in Naked Holidays 2013, has stepped into the role of Lazarus. Colin Waitt is still playing the role of Sexy Ripped Jesus.

  3. Calvin, thank you again for directing me to the absolutely perfect seat for The Mysteries, a wonderful experience whose entire cast should be awarded the Medal of Valor (heroic acting) and the Nobel Prize for Chemistry (theatrically speaklng). It might be the only play I’ve ever seen where there were more people onstage — 50 — than there were in a packed house.

    And can you believe the FOOD? I mean, they serve you in your seat during both intermissions with play-inspired items (hummus, salad, falafel, baklava), chat you up before, after & DURING the show, all while acting their heads off for five-and-a-half hours. And people think players in the World Cup sweat for a paycheck, Hey, wait a minute, it’s the Flea: There IS no paycheck!

    As for the Subject At Hand, I had an ideal spot for 3 of the 4 instances of male nudity/”nudity”: The Adam scene; the Jesus scene; and the pissing scene, which, I hate to tell you, is done with a rubber prosthesis attached to a water pump. How do I know? A) I was sitting close enough to touch it and B) A cast member (not the one who does the scene) confirmed that it is “not real.”

    As for the Lazarus scene, well….when his mummy wrappings are removed on that far stage somebody throws him a pair of sweatpants, which he puts on before walking the length of the house. So unless you’re sitting right next to the stage, you don’t get the closeup view you get with the other scenes. But I’ll take three out of four any day. And so would The Mets.

    You are right about the casting changes. Jaspal Binning left & was replaced as Adam by Kyle Hines, who formerly was Lazarus. And Holy Brick Shithouse, Batman, what a bod! And funny, too, as was his brilliant Eve. Stepping in as Lazarus is, as you say, Naked Holiday’s rugby-bodied Jack Gilbert, instantly identifiable by the tattoos on his left breast & right hip (sigh).

    My favorite moment: When the entire cast stomped to the refrain “I got a soul/But I’M NOT A SOLDIER!” Brought me to tears (of joy).

    As for the length, well, I didn’t feel it was too long, but my ass disagrees with me. Advice for people with bony butts: Bring a pillow.

    Final thought: So many good actors in The Mysteries. It’s a mystery how they’ll all find the work they deserve.

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