IMG_9697The playwright Cameron Cole has written a 5 cycle play in which the first two are playing in repertory at The COW Theater in the Lower East Side.

From the press release:

Part 2 of the cycle, beasts of suburbia is an exploration of relationships, honesty, fidelity, and the dark edges of sex and sexuality.

The play focuses on 2 couples; Danni and Josh, a straight couple who’ve just met, and gay couple Ben and Kevin as they mark anniversaries and birthdays. Each couple is hiding a great many things from each other, and as the masks start coming off, the deepest recesses of their psyche start revealing themselves in very dark ways.

beasts of suburbia is recommended for mature audiences, as it includes adult language, adult situations, and nudity.

Now here’s my take.  The playwright stated that the plays can stand alone. I haven’t seen the part 1: gage-ing Noel but I must say, for a 2 hour and a half play, it caught my attention. The plot interested me and kept me from walking out during intermission.  As stated this part consists of 2 couples, Danni and Josh and Ben and Kevin.  The engaging part was between Danni and Josh. Whenever the scene moves to the gay couple, the energy seems to die down.  If I only look at this part, I must say, the part of Ben can be cut out.  However, looking at the 5 part cycle, the last of the play is Deconstructing Ben so I guess, Ben’s part is needed for the part 5.

The stand-out is Marlena Holman as Danni.  You can tell she is having fun with her character.  She owned it.  And very brave of her to have her nipples sucked by Josh played by Peyton Thomas Tucker. Peyton was able to match Marlene toe to toe throughout the play.  And even though I said Ben’s character could be cut out, I have to compliment Jordan Gwiazdowski for doing a good job acting an underwritten role. Unfortunately, Jacob James as Kevin is not at par with the other three.

For the nudity.  Peyton is in his boxers most of the play.  He has extensive nudity and showed us his hairy body and ass and his circumcised cock, pubes and balls.  If you sit on audience right, you can even see him jerking his cock. His body might not be super toned, but I think he fits the role perfectly, your average married man from the suburbs.  Jordan gave us a peek of his shaft and very bushy pubes during the first half.

Peyton Thomas Tucker
Peyton Thomas Tucker

Although the play is uneven, it is worth watching.  Too bad the part 1 and part 2 has a very short run, only from June 17-22.

If you can, you can still catch the show before it closes today, Sunday June 22.

NUDITY RATING: 5 (Extensive nudity from Peyton)

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