10311006_10152493587427240_8439790868558272974_nThe 8th season of The Amoralists is about to begin next week. I don’t know what happened to them in 2013.  They suddenly became nudity-shy!

Starting June 26, they are presenting 2 plays in repertory.

From the press release:

The Gyre

A Two Play Repertory Exploring Man’s Vicious Cycles

June 26th – Aug 9th, 2014

Featuring World Premieres by Amoralists Resident Playwright Derek Ahonen and Mark Roberts (Rantoul and Die)

A surrealistic exploration of the pleasures and pains of addiction, The Qualification of Douglas Evans recounts the life of playwright Douglas Evans and his pursuit of acceptance in a warped world of women, family and art. From his trials as a wide-eyed teenager to his descent into the ills of artistic success, this is a coming-of-age tale of rock bottoms, bright skies and the will to rise above one’s inner animal.

When America’s favorite TV uncle heads into a downward spiral of drugs, prostitutes and criminal activity, how far will the show’s megalomaniac producer go to cover up his star’s debauchery, keeping the laughter coming and the money train on the tracks? Enter at Forest Lawn is a darkly comic peek inside the not-so-funny world of network television.

I hope this theater group gets back into the groove after some missteps in 2013 especially THE CHEATERS CLUB which is so forgettable.  Ahonen seemed to try to fit most of his ensemble in his plays and this certainly did not work.

Here’s hoping these two new plays will be another exciting addition to 2014 nudity which has been abundant in NYC theater so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

To buy tickets:


  1. I saw The Qualification of Douglas Evans and Derek Ahonen’s balls were on full display as he lay on his stomach and turned over. His boxers were pulled up high on his leg so maybe this was not supposed to happen, but they were very obviously large and hanging out for about 8 seconds. The show was good – funny but dark at the same time. I really enjoyed it.

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