La Ronde Project Reminder

Tonight is the last chance to see Kid Brooklyn Production’s La Ronde Project.  The final show is tonight at 8.  The tickets are sold out on the website but at the performance I saw there were several standby tickets available and even an empty seat or two when the show started.  There is no guarantee there will be any tonight but it is worth the chance.

To read about the show, here is a comment by blog reader m_lo:

Definitely see. La ronde consists of 10 interlocking scenes between pairs of actors. Each appears in two consecutive scenes. the first scene the guy (William Barnet), is nude for the entire 7-10 minute scene. He is minimally trimmed and cut. His second scene has a second guy, Alton Alburo, (asian). They are are both nude for the entire scene, he is trimmed and cut. The third guy Tommy Dorman, has a twinky build stripped to his underwear and has a brief glips of trimmed pubes and maybe a glimpse of the shaft. The fourth guy John Paul Harkin stripped in his second scene– trimmed pubes, cut and is a show-er. He has sported porn-stache. The fifth guy, kris howard, is untrimmed and cut – they had a simulated sex scene. Only the last guy did not show anything. It is a small theater, any i don’t think there is any bad seat per se, but maybe best views if you are more towards the center seats is best. There are only 4 performances — ends June 29.

See it if you can!

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