“NORA” in Westport, CT

nora_web From the press release:

Nora has the perfect life, a happy home, and a healthy marriage. But when a mysterious man from her past appears, her idyllic world is suddenly turned upside down.A story of love, blackmail, and the little lies we tell, Nora is a sexy and stunning adaptation of one of Ibsen’s most psychologically penetrating works.

Preview Performances: July 15 – 18

Opening July 19
– Closing Aug.2


From the moderator:

Casting notice indicated nudity for the character Torvald Helmer. Lucas Hall is playing this character. The male actor standing with curly hair.


25 Powers Court, Westport, Connecticut 06880 (888) 927-7529   (203) 227-4177
Westport Country Playhouse


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