(Mary) TODD – Part of 2014 Fresh Fruit Festival

MaryTodd-0010From the press release:

Todd Lincoln went out for a night on the town and ended up with his partnerʼs bloody head in his lap. Now the assistant manager of the Jesus-Washed-Me-White-As-Snow Laundromat, Todd launches a hilarious, heartbreaking, full-frontal assault on life.


Monday, July 14th and Saturday, July 19th

9:00 pm (both performances)

For tickets: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/936176

P.S. Thanks Calvin for the tip!

a new play by

Dennis Bush

directed by

Lester Thomas Shane


Xavier Reminick

1 Comment

  1. Saw this play Saturday night. While it was nice to see Xavier Reminick’s nice uncut dick, I was caught up in this excellent one man show. It was one of those performances that had you laughing one minute then crying the next. I was so caught up that I did get not get my usual erotic thrust when I see a naked man on stage. I must add that he showed his dick for extended periods of time – but no wet spots on my khakis – maybe I lost all my juice the night before at “North to Maine.” I hope this goes on the road.

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