20140609144918-JuggaliciousPoster_18x24From the press release:

WildSide Rep
Writer: Britton Buttrill
Director: Celine Rosenthal
When Ice Pete, a young Juggalo from Alabama, discovers that his grandmother needs a new kidney, he and his friends take drastic but misguided measures to insure her survival.
1h 50m   Local   Brooklyn, NY
Drama   Comedy
Theme: No FLY Zone
www.juggalicious.org   juggalicious
VENUE #16: Robert Moss Theater at 440 Studios Share/Bookmark
SUN 10 @ 4:15   THU 14 @ 5:45   FRI 15 @ 9:15   SUN 17 @ 5:15   WED 20 @ 2

Note from the Moderator: The casting notice requires nudity for Ice Pete.

This will be Ice Pete 46af17c3a1b949f18b155a7b154e4e10




  1. Thanks, Milu. Looks like not until late August, though. You know the actor’s name?

    Great news, fipines. Hope Jack Gilbert come back!

    1. His name is Bobby Mittelstadt. Fringe starts 2nd week of August and tickets get sold out quickly so I decided to give everyone a heads up!

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