It was great to drive to Connecticut to watch NORA at The Westport County Playhouse. The area is very nice.

The production values are magnificent. Kristen Robinson’s set and Ketherine Roth’s costume puts the Helmers in a stark, contemporary Scandinavian living room back in the 60’s.

I don’t usually agree with NY Times critics because I feel they are too critical. But in this case, I agree that the two leads Liv Rooth as Nora and Lucas Hall as Torvald were not able to maximize the potential of the characters in the play.  The “play is ok” instead of “The play was great!”.  Liv was just two dimensional and it seems her dramatization were the same from the beginning to the end. I didn’t see the combination of fragility but smart in her character and Lucas lacks the commanding presence to be an authority figure over Nora. The supporting cast was very good though.

And the reason I went all the way to Westport is to finally see Lucas Hall in the nude and he did not disappoint. At the end of the play he was on a spotlight stark naked. He has a lithe body and pale skin, and his pubes are light brown, very curly and not trimmed, nice cock and balls and a smooth ass.

NUDITY RATING: 4  (When he got up from the bed, it was within the last 30 secs of the play and lights out!)

Choose the seats either at the center or audience right otherwise, you might end up just seeing Lucas’ ass.

Lucas Hall as Torvald and Liv Rooth as Nora
Lucas Hall as Torvald and Liv Rooth as Nora


  1. Thanks, Milu. In photos of the curtain call, he’s wearing nothing but a robe & you can see the bed upstage. But you know that already!

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