From the press release”


August 22, 2014 – October 12, 2014
Mainstage Theater

Written and directed by   Robert O’Hara


Sutter is on an outrageous odyssey through his childhood home, his church, dive bars, motel rooms and even nursing homes. A kaleidoscope of sketches that interconnect to portray growing up gay and black, Robert O’Hara’s subversive, uproarious satire crashes headlong into the murky terrain of pain and pleasure and… BOOTYCANDY.

Suggested for ages 17+.

Phillip James Brannon
Jessica Frances Dukes
Jesse Pennington
Benja Kay Thomas
Lance Coadie Williams

From the casting notice, the Caucasian male role requires nudity. Jesse Pennington is the only Caucasian actor in the cast.


  • Jesse Pennington
    Jesse Pennington


  1. Play is series of sketches which kinda made me wondering what at the end. Jesse Pennington whips out his cock in bar scene in Act II. Next scene he comes out of hotel door totally naked draped in white bed sheet. Nice cut dick, not so trimmed pubes and very low hangers. Best place to see the nude part is center first two rows.

  2. The performance I attended, he ended up truning to audience left with the sheet wrapped around him. I think it was partially open (I was sitting audience right of center and didnt see but a few glimpses) so I think those in left got a better view. The scene lasts about one minute

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