the-wayside-motor-innFrom the press release:

Outside Boston, ten people—some strangers, some not—struggle with the circumstances that have brought them to the Wayside Motor Inn. With old grudges and new feuds threatening the travelers’ peace, this funny and moving work kicks off A. R. Gurney’s Signature Residency by examining the tenuous space between loneliness and connection, and the fragile framework of the American Dream.

The Wayside Motor Inn contains nudity and the use of herbal cigarettes.

All tickets through September 21 are $25. Tickets for performances beginning September 23 start at $55.

I wonder which of the cast members will be in the nude? IMG_3461



Andy: Kelly AuCoin
Jon DeVries
Quincy Dunn-Baker
Rebecca Henderson
Marc Kudisch
Jenn Lyon
Lizbeth Mackay
David McElwee
Ismenia Mendes
Will Pullen


  1. Nudity rating 4. The character Phil (David McElwee– the right most guy with the beard in the above photo) strips off his clothes (you only see his butt and balls briefly) as he is getting into the tub near the end of the play that is only seen from audience left. You probably won’t see him if you are audience right and front due to how the stage is constructed. Then there is a very brief glimpse of the minimally trimmed penis at the very end of the play (< 1 second I couldn't tell if cut or uncut) that is best seen more towards center and audience right. Also near the end you see the character Ray (guy with mustache in the center) in his boxer briefs as he gets out of the bathroom also best seen on audience left.

  2. I agree with everything molo says — far left is best (but NOT a “partial view” seat), except for one second near the end when McElwee drops the towel. An equally good & brief view is on the left when he takes off his jockey shorts to get into the tub to have sex with his gf and through his legs you see a dick that’s exceptionally long & lean (like McElwee), though cut or uncut is unclear. I would add only two things: Quincy Dunn-Baker’s (Ray) jockstrap-style briefs are so tight you can tell he’s cut & dresses right, and when the cherub-faced, smooth-skinned, sandy-haired Will Pullen comes out of the john with his pants open over tighty-whities, he has a dark-furry chest & belly and oblong, ruby-red nips. Yum! And remember: LEFT.

    1. I saw the play and was sitting on audience right and saw McElwee drop his towel. His penis was very long and hairy, and looked cut to me.

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