SMOKE at the FLEA Theater

10580188_820745767938567_1144118237025085816_nThe website warns that the play has sexual situations. I wonder if there is nudity involved. Does anyone know? Stephen Stout who was a standout in THE MYSTERIES stars.

From the press release:


Newcomer Kim Davies’ BDSM erotic power game will kick off the Flea season. Featuring The Bats, the resident acting company at The Flea, and directed by Flea Resident Director Tom Costello, SMOKE brings an entitled college student and a jaded wannabe artist – with more in common than they thought – past the verge.

The production features Stephen Stout (a cautionary tail, Job, Restoration Comedy, These Seven Sicknesses), Madeleine Bundy (a cautionary tail), Ivan Dolido, and Adelind Horan (The Mysteries).


  1. Do not know, but usually when there’s a warning for sexual situations there’s one for nudity as well, if it’s there. As for Booty Candy, I think the nudity might involve a shock scene where the character whips out his dick and slaps it on a table. Also: Stephen Stout — which part did he play in The Mysteries? (He might have left before I saw it). Thanks, as always, for the heads up.

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