Lewis Reeves Eric and Julian Ovenden
Lewis Reeves Eric and Julian Ovenden

Oh How I wish I could fly to London and see this play!

Excerpt from NYTimes review by Matt Wolf:
LONDON — Time works in mysterious ways and memory, of course, can play tricks all of its own. Even so, “My Night With Reg” seems in every way stronger in its current Donmar Warehouse incarnation than it did at its acclaimed Royal Court Theater premiere 20 years ago. The answer, no doubt, is a mixture of both in a production whose cast is currently without question the finest ensemble in town.

The final scene features among the more extended sequences of onstage male nudity I have seen of late, handled here without a trace of self-consciousness by Mr. Reeves and Mr. Ovenden, the latter shifting from a musicals-intensive career (the Donmar’s “Grand Hotel” and “Merrily We Roll Along,” among others) to land the part of a carefree rich kid who is developing chinks in his determinedly casual manner.

By that point, though, the nakedness on display seems merely to literalize what we have become aware of well before. Mr. Hastie’s staging has long since laid its characters bare, and the results — by turns funny and wounding — are something to behold.

My Night With Reg. Directed by Robert Hastie. Donmar Warehouse. Through Sept. 27.


  1. Saw this years ago in NY — with Maxwell Caulfield — and don’t remember much of it, except for a little something-something at the end, The Maxwell Caulfied nudity I DO remember is in Salonika, where he’s sleeping face down on the sand completely naked for the first half-hour until he he’s disturbed by Jessica Tandy & Elizabeth Wilson, at which point he wakes up, sees that he’s naked, grabs a pair of trunks & drowsily puts them on, apologizing all the way.

    Two stories: A friend of mine took a video camera with color & sound — unusual 30 years ago — and hid it under his front-row, stage-level seat at Salonika. The footage turned out great & we drooled over it many a time. But he died some years later & I assume the tape was tossed, along with all those other possessions that wind up on the trash heap of the no-longer living.

    Second story: At one matinee of Salonika, which was attended by GERALDINE PAGE, the entire stage right section — the play was done on a thrust stage — was unoccupied. But that was the side with the best nudity! So I trotted over, took a seat & watched the show in the vacated section. At curtain call, only Caulfield faced that section, looked me straight in the eye, smiled knowingly & bowed deeply. Such a sweet guy. Perfect body. Beautiful memories.

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