LANCELOT (c) Evan Iskovitz - Romy Nordlinger, Grant Riordon, Stephen James Anthony, Lulu Fogarty - Group_C_097One of our readers gave us a review of this play: 

About 100 minutes long, no intermission–drags a bit. The playwright, Stephen Fechter could cut about 30 minutes and it wouldn’t be a bad play. Four characters. Two women, one man, one 13 year old.  It’s a riff on the Mary Kay Latourneau story–teacher sleeps with 13 year old student–but takes place 13 years after when the teacher rolls into town to stir up trouble.  

The man is played by Stephen James Anthony  and he strips completely nude about an hour into the play.  His body is lean and toned and hairless.  The set is only a double bed. Tickets are general seating, so you can pick your own seat. The audience sits on either side of the bed.  The frontal nudity is brief as he strips his clothes off and immediately lays on the bed face down. He undresses at the foot of the bed facing the pillows, so if you’re interested in seeing him from the front, then it’s best to sit at the pillow end of the bed. I was sitting at the foot of the bed side and only saw his ass, which was nothing to complain about.    


From the press release:

  • Name:

    Gym at Judson

  • Address:

    243 Thompson St
    Greenwich Village
    New York

  • Cross Street:

    at Washington Sq South

  • Venue phone:


  • Venue website:

  • Transport:

    Subway: A, C, E, B, D, F, M to W 4th St


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  1. Nudity rating 4. If you sit on the side by the entrance and by the bed, you will see him strip everything off. He is cut and lightly trimmmed and you only see 1-2 seconds at most. He then gets partially on top of someone and I think that if you are closer to foot you may be able to see the sac between the legs (I was by the bed close to the pillows though).

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