Stephen Stout HeadshotKim Davies’ SMOKE is kinky all right. The characters and the dialogue are quite engaging. There is a sense of danger and confusion as the audience tries to
figure out the male and female characters. It is an okay play. But I felt that it is incomplete. Or more of an acting exercise for the two actors. Stephen Stout as the male lead, is very good as usual but Madeleine Bundy was great. She really held her ground and owned the character of the female counterpart. It was erotic and there is fear at the same time.

But the saddest part is that there is no nudity at all in this production. The teaser for the play is just all talk. Darn! I was looking
forward to see Stephen Stout in the nude. Oh well, hopeful sometime in the near future.

Here’s another review from one of our readers:

No nudity. No male skin exposure at all. The female gets stripped to her bra and panties. >> >> "Smoke" is a riff on Strindberg's "Miss Julie." I saw it done better on Broadway in 2009 with Jonny Lee Miller and Sienna Miller in Patrick Marber's adaptation "After Miss Julie." This version's conceit is a BDSM sex party upstairs while in the basement, the lower-class male dominates the ever-willing upper-class female in a heated game of BDSM cat and mouse. A game that never catches fire. If watching a man simulate fucking a woman with a knife sounds like fun, then go. I was bored. 

NUDITY RATING: 0 (Skip this one)

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