Martin Sherman’s BENT

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BENT is part of Fringe Arts in Philadelphia.

From the press release:

This play centers around Max, a gay man living the good life in 1930s Berlin until he finds himself in Dachau. Through his relationship with another prisoner, Horst, he regains his self-respect. A harrowing, overpoweringly intense, and at times violent story about the treatment of homosexuals by their own countrymen before World War II unfolds, collapses and rebuilds around you.

Sept.11-20, 2014

100 minutes

From the moderator: The role of Wolf will have nudity

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  1. Finally got a chance to see this – better late than never. Pretty good production with dedicated actors. The second half drags but that is a writing problem, not a production problem. The basement space was very fitting for the play. The nudity happens in the first five minutes – Wolf, played by Taylor Darden, walks from audience right to audience left completely nude after a one night stand, sly making eyes at the main character. He then walks back in from audience left before putting on a towel.

    I would recommend sitting in the middle section or audience left to get the best view. Darden is fit with blond hair, trimmed pubes, and decent sized dick. Tomorrow is the last day – catch it while you can.

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