Robert O’Hara’s BOOTY CANDY

95163I don’t know what to make of Robert O’hara’s BOOTY CANDY. It’s a series of vignettes and the scenes from Act One are followed through on the Second Act.  What I can’t decipher is the over-all relations of all the scenes to each other.  Is it semi-autobiographical? But then the parts doesn’t add up to one whole sum.  There are lots of hysterical moments in the show which I won’t divulge here but does the funny parts add up into one cohesive play? I’m not sure. Or does the playwright want to play around with stereotyping? Not only about race but what the audience perceive what should be a play?  Your guess is as good as mine.

The cast is excellent but the stand out is Lance Coadie Williams as the Reverend and Benja Kay Thomas as the Middle Aged mother in Second Act.  I’m sorry to say but Jesse Pennington, the only white actor, is the weakest.  He, like the other actors, played different characters but I felt his was a one-note acting. He made up for it though by showing us his cock twice in the Second Act. First when he whipped his cock and put it on the table when they played Truth or Dare and when he came out just wrapped by a bed sheet.  I must give it to him for having an untrimmed pubic hair. Lots of actors trim it too much that it looks weird but his is as natural as it comes.  He has a nice hairy chest, and his balls are low hanging and hairy as well.  The best seat will be from center and left side of the audience to get a longer look at his nude body.


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  1. A lot of attention given to Jesse Pennington’s cock, which is cool, because as an African-American I really liked white dick being displayed among a black cast. But the best white cock literally being yanked, and the best white ass being groped, was Jeff Pucillo’s. Un-fucking-believable how used he was. Smoking hot.

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