qny-2014Runs Sept.17-27, 2014

From the press release:

The Queer New York International Arts Festival returns for a third year with a diverse slate of performances by artists from around the world. Broadening the traditional concept of “queer” (in) art, QNYI challenges perceptions about what queer is — and can be. During the Festival’s intensely paced twelve days, New York audiences will have the opportunity to experience a range of performances that challenge heteronorms and the status quo on various levels, by artists who are probing contents and contexts of different performing art formats and redefining the margins of their expressive forms.

The shows that could possibly have male nudity are:

Branko Brezovec’s Confusions


Ivo Dimchev’s i-cure ( I have reviewed one of his shows before and he does not shy away from nudity)


Mor Shani’s Love-ism


– and Bruno Isakovic’s Denuded for two dancers




  1. Went to Confusions last night. Four guys have nude scenes. Two of the men – the hunkier two of the four – are nude twice. You get your fill of uncut Croatian hotties – like being on the set of Bel Ami. Tables and blackboards throughout the space impair your view for uninterrupted nudity but wherever you sit you’ll see what you came to see.

  2. No, they do not wear them for very long. I think the best views are slightly to the sides of the center (I sat in the front on a cushion next to the audience left projector) and had great view of the twinkiest of the guys (romano nikolic) who has very trimmed pubes. the other two, were both neatly trimmed. The older guy is not trimmed and is more of a show-er. The nudity lasts about 2-3 minutes. The other two guys do get nude again later which lasts about 2-3 minutes as well. The performance lasts about 1 1/2 hours and is entirely in croatian with English subtitles off to the side, although, i thought the last 1/2 is much less interesting (when they start with the Wagner piece). Check wikipedia for the background story, called The Confusions of Young Törless.

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