FUCT NYC is back!

Eric Eikey
Eric Eikey

The boys of FUCTNYC are back in New York at the PIT last weekend. And again they did not disappoint. Janio, Ian, Derek and Eric showed us a meatfest. Only Joe went conservative last nite. Janio’s skit about weighing himself is a classic and I never get tired of him showing his uncut cock and big balls and pulling his foreskin back at the end. Plus this time I got to see his hairy hole as he bent forward. Derek showed us his manmeat and low hangers as well. Ian showed us his ass and one of his balls hanging as he scratched it. Eric showed us the most. He showed everything from his cut cock trimmed pubes and tight shaved balls plus his shaved hole. Nice to see his pink pucker. And during their curtain call, he didn’t even bother to put on his underwear! Love u Eric !

NUDITY RATING: 5 abundance of man meat! Plus lots of laugh ! November 22 is their next show. Catch it!



    1. Attraction is a personal matter – I happen to think the rest of the guys, especially Eric, are pretty hot. No point in denigrating the others just because to do not find them attractive.

  1. I guess they changed their schedule a bit – they originally had a show scheduled gpr October 20th. Will have to catch them in November. Hopefully it is the same program! Can’t wait.

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