RitualI’m sorry to say but this is a snooze fest . Nothing new was presented by Stanley Bennett Clay. The play started the night Albert played by Reginald James Albert went back home because he wants to quit school. And the reason he wants to come back is to get his family back. Sylvia played by Q is the mother and Iman Ward as Teresa does not get along because they are fighting for the attention of Leon, the father played by David M. Raine. I don’t want to give away the full plot but I felt like the plot has been there done that and the only difference this time is that it is a black family rather than a white one. It was a 90 minute intermission less play but it felt much longer than that. Towards the end of the play, Reginald had full frontal nudity as his sister pulled his pants down. How I wish it was David Raine who went nude. Cause he is a daddy I’d love to fuck. As the son was the one who went all the way, Reginald has a twinkish body. His circumcised cock is quite big I must say. The best way to see his cock is the audience right and should be in the first rows.

NUDITY RATING: 4 ( if you fancy Reginald then it’s worth to see the play so you can ogle his huge cock, otherwise skip this one)



  1. Really good point. The letters patent and legislation transferring the land state the purposes for which the land can be used. No bikes are mentioned.

  2. It’s super hot because when a man is stripped by a woman he’s in the traditional role of a female being objectified. And when it’s an older nude having his goods shown…yum…

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