Out of State Nudity: TAKE ME OUT in VA

TMO_3September 12 – October 12, 2014
Take Me Out
By Richard Greenberg
Directed by Doug Wilder

Winner of the 2003 Tony Award for Best Play
Darren Lemming has it all and then some. He is the epitome of a baseball star…handsome, charismatic, rich, infallible and every guy’s all-American hero. But when Darren comes out of the closet he sets off a chain of events that upends everything and threatens to undermine the American pastime. Powerful, lyrical, and often hysterically funny, this play is a rhapsody that no lover of the sport—or of theatre—should miss.
Contains nudity and strong language


P.S. Thanks to fipines for the tip
Your friendly “Take Me Out” whore has known about this current production for quite some time
http://1ststagespringhill.org/ . This is a new theater group located in Tyson’s Corner, VA (a mall suburb of Washington, DC – now accessible by Metro on the new Silver Line.) I was hesitant to see this production because the audition announcement said “partial nudity may be required.” I am generally not interested in this play unless the full monty is clearly promised. The picture of the stage also showed the shower area hidden by a privacy screen. I have seen so many botched and bastardized productions of this play that I decided not see it. Today, however, I read four reviews. 2 mentioned “extensive male frontal nudity; 1 mentioned “fortunately the shower scene was blocked by a partition so the audience could focus on the excellent acting instead of penises” and 1 mentioned,”while the extensive male nudity of this play was controversial when the play opened in New York 10 years ago, it is no longer an issue.” The director also said he thought he would get calls complaining about nudity on the stage in conservative Fairfax Co., but all the calls he has received are for directions to the theater. All reviews, however, stated this production is excellent with top notch actors and should not be missed. This whore was torn but eventually gave into his base desires and bought tickets for next Saturday. Will give you the dick report then.


  1. Saw this last night. Okay, I was prepared for the worst. There were 3 positive reviews and 1 negative from the Washington Post. Boy! What a pleasant surprise. First of all, the overall production is good considering this is a small, non-professional, community theater that receives funding from conservative Fairfax Co, For my fellow TMO whores in the DC area – run and buy tickets now! (closes Oct.12.) For my fellow EXTREME TMO out-of state whores – buy bus/train/plane tickets and go see this play (about 20 minutes from Washington Dulles Airport..)

    I must admit I was skeptical as the audition call and all ads mentioned “partial nudity.” Partial my ass! This was a dick feast of handsome well-endowed men! Yes, the shower had a privacy screen – but I’m not sure why as the guys walked around freely strutting their stuff before and after showering.

    The first dick is the open confrontation between Koovitz (Ray Navorio) and Lemming (Jaysen Wright.) Navorio is a chubby guy with a tiny dick who was totally unabashed (I loved him for this and this probably represented the physique of some real ball players.) Wright slowly undresses and shows his nice long cock and low-hangers with a well toned gym body – great chest.

    During the famous shower scene, almost all the guys walked around the stage naked. Rodriguez (Steven Soto) is every guy’s dream latino. Handsome, goatee, tats, and a thick fat cock with dark pubes. Seeing him caused my first leak of pre-cum. Then Chenier (Tim Torre) turns around and proved he is the alpha male of the show. He is an 18 year old actor with a surfer body and an -at least – seven inch flaccid cock. He knew he was the alpha male and remained nude longer than the other actors. What I found more sexy, however, is when he got dressed. He remained commando and put on a pair of cargo shorts that were slung well below his hips and showed of his v-shaped groin and the tip of his pubes. He then walked around in flip-flops teasing me with his worshipful feet. It was during this time hubby was ready to revive me with smelling salts.

    Martinez (Adrian Vigil) did a quick, but nice cock shot. Mostly showed his generous ass. Kawabata – very well acted by Jacob Yeh. Only showed his ass. He was tanned with a white ass – which really showed well on stage. Quite rimmable.

    Mungitt (Ryan Kincaid) did not have the usual redneck mullet look, but looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. What an absolutely gorgeous hunk of man. Both hubby and I were mesmerized by his beauty. Unfortunately, there was only quick shot of his dick – tight with dark pubes. However, there was a lengthy scene of him shirtless wearing his baseball pants. Great hairy and well defined chest. My dick was rock hard at this point and khakis looked as if I had bladder incontinence. Please think kindly of me, This is an involuntary reaction.

    My favorite (and usually my favorite in this play) was Kippy (Sun King Davis – parents must have been hippies.) He is a tall, good-looking daddy. He slowly strips before taking the shower, showers, than prances around the stage showing off his nice body and VERY nice uncut dick. He even flicks it once. Hubby getting more concerned at this point, but I managed to compose myself and enjoy the rest of the show. The famous shower confrontation between Lemming and Mungitt was behind the partition – but it was well done.

    While all seats are good, the best chance of seeing Mungitt’s cock is to sit on your left facing the stage. I would go back if we were in town next week!

    5 big stars!

    1. Thanks for the info! Sat on the left side and had a grat view of all the cast. Even managed to see Jacob Yeh fully nude. He must have been braver or I just had a good view but I saw him fully nude both coming and going from the shower. He has a nice average dick with dark pubes. The actor playing Jayson was gorgeous! Definitely the alpha male! I wish they had left out the shower partition – it would have been nice to see more of the actors playing Darren and Shayne. Still, a very good production with a lot of nudity!

    1. Do you have a spreadsheet of all the actors you’ve seen and their detailed penis descriptions? Would love to see that!

  2. Thanks, fipines, for the info. You know, we really oughtta get together. Between us, we might have seen every production. Me. I’ve seen 17: The original New York production (off-Broadway four times, on Broadway about 65 times); LA (the one with Jeremy Sisto as Shane); Chicago (Steppenwolf/About Face); Boston (Speakeasy); Boca Raton (Caldwell); Hartford, CT (Hartford Stage); DC (where I made three trips to the Studio Theatre to see it five times, including first & last performances); Ann Arbor; Dayton, OH; Philadelphia; Albany; one at NYU, another at Brooklyn College and yet another in Brooklyn (Gallery Players); Kalamazoo (Western Michigan University, the only production I attended that fudged the nudity, so I walked out after Toddy’s first scene); and, sort of/not really, Seattle, (had tickets for three consecutive performance and a $99 one-way fare on American Airlines, but couldn’t go at the last minute cuz of a lousy, goddamned cold). I was such a regular at the Broadway run, the Kerr box office would set aside a front-row seat for me every Wednesday matinee; when I asked the guy in the box office if he minded doing that, he said “Hell, no — I wish we had 400 more like you!” Contrary to myth, the Broadway production was far from a sellout. On the plus side, I saw every understudy and replacement for every part, including the great Paul Sparks, who filled in for Neal Huff (Kippy) for a week. Apart from the original production, the best, by far, was DC, followed by Hartford, which, I understand, was largely a recreation of the St. Louis production. Just one quibble, fipines: Instead of “‘Take Me Out’ whore,” I like how Charlie Kevin, who appeared in more than one production, introduced me to a cast mate: “He’s the Trekkie for ‘Take Me Out.'” Isn’t that great?


  4. Glad you made it and enjoyed it. Only wish I could have seen again! Thank you for being my proxies! Welq – you have me beaten! Saw Studio DC (2x – once with and once without hubby,) Pittsburgh (my favorite – small space – I literally could smell Koovitz’s scrotum musk,) Richmond (so-so – hey very conservative Virginia,) Arlington, VA (horrible! botched! the actor playing Shane was a big sissy!) and Dallas (excellent – up there with DC and Pittsburgh.) Dallas, BTW, is as far as I have gone just to see the play. It just warms my heart that there are others like me and share this passion! Just a quick question for my gentle readers regarding nudity on stage. My fetish is very specific – male nudity needs to be an integral part of the play – not just stand alone nudity. Do you understand what I mean? For example, DC used to be one of the few places in the US were male strippers could take it all off. I would watch these guys strip on the bar and they would shake their dicks in my face. While I enjoyed the show, it did little for me erotically. That is why I don’t find “Naked Boys Singing” very erotic or stimulating. Now, when there are fully clothed average guys on the stage and they get naked in various scenes as part of the plot – this is what turns me on and gets my dick hard. Does anyone share this? The only exception is “Naked Holidays.” I think that turns me on because there are so many average looking guys who don’t take it all off at once – some not even until the last vignette – almost like teasing. Anyone want to share?

      1. While I enjoy Naked Boys Singing, I find plays with short nude scenes or integral nude scenes like Take Me Out to be so much more exciting!

  5. It’s interesting what you say, fipines; in all the times I’ve seen Take Me Out, I have never. not once, seen Naked Boys Singing. For me, the turn-on is that actors, artists, are confronting nudity, not strippers, porn stars, hustlers or chorus boys (I’ve also skipped every single Broadway Bares). In other words, I like seeing real actors make tough choices about how they’re going to be naked rather than seeing professional nudists getting naked. That’s why I can watch 20 different actors play certain parts in Take Me Out — you’re seeing 20 different sets of choices on how to present a penis. Bryce Ryness, so wonderful as Woof in Hair, put it this way: “It’s always a balancing act to find the best way to do it so it’s not exploitative or pornographic or overly confident on the one hand, and not sheepish or cowardly or with any trace of shame on the the other side.” After all, I came to Take Me Out not because of the playwright or the play or even the nudity, but because I had seen Frederick Weller in everything he had ever done and I absolutely adored him. Watching his shower scene for the first time from seat A6 of the Anspacher Theater was the most intensely erotic experience of my life that didn’t involve touching another person. Like real sex, nudity in theater is always best with someone you love, and there are few things in the world I love more than actors.

    1. Welq – you summed my feelings exactly. BTW, I neglected to mention I saw the Baltimore production of TMO – Bad! but not nearly as bad as Arlington. In Baltimore, only Koovitz and Kippy showed their stuff. Interestingly, most of the same actors did “Love, Valor, Compassion” a year or so later and took off everything. There was nudity in that production that was not even on Broadway. Go figure. Do anyone remember the play “Party?” I know it’s a bit dated, but I would love to see it again. The truth of dare game just about did me in!

      1. fipines, Party was mentioned in the recent Hall of Fame nudity post about Vince Gatton. I wish I had seen it in it heyday (it sounds like a play that probably will not be produced much anymore). Is it true all the cast gets fully naked on stage and several actors are nude for large chunks of the play?

  6. fipines & all: Isn’t it great we get to clarify our feelings about a shared interest? I’m so glad milutilu started this site, which I bet a lot of people visit and get information out of, but are reluctant to come out, as it were, and share their own experiences. I mean, if actors get naked on a stage, shouldn’t we feel free to talk about it on a forum? Speaking of which: I don’t know Party at all, never even heard of it, though Calvin’s description sounds enticing. As for current stuff, Deliverance, an adaptation of the Dickey book (at 59e59), has a discreet patch of nudity, but trust me: It’s not anything you want to see (sorry, no “squeal like a pig,” either — that’s just the magic of Hollywood). A better play, but even more disappointing in the nudity department, is the return of Mark Ravenhill”s pool (no water), whose first performance was earlier tonight at Barrow Street. I’m almost certain this play has had nudity in at least one other production, but I’ve yet to see it. Still, the play, which is stupdendously performed by a sexy cast of five (three men, two women, all about 40), is a super-cutting comedy about hatred of the sick and the dying and self-hatred among the living, specifically artists and those who aspire to be one. All that’s missing is the nudity, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

    1. Welq, I first stumpled upon the site in 2011 (I wish I wish I had found it sooner – all the Take Me Outs I missed plus Seth Numrich going nude in Slipping!). At first I was just a reader but am grateful to milutilu for giving me the chance to write some posts. I enjoy the reviews I get to write and am glad to have been given the opportunity!

  7. Calvin: Ahhh, Seth Numrich in Slipping, that IS a miss. Stangely, when I bought tickets, I got four front-row seats for three different performances, including first performance, just on a hunch. Lucky move. That thing sold old faster than The Book of Mormon. I’d read that Numrich had been the youngest student in the history of Julliard (at 15), and at one performance I met his mother and asked her if she’d had any qualms about sending him to New York so young. She said she had no reservations about it because he had always been a responsible kid. And a marvelous actor and a great beauty and a really sweet guy if you ever say hello to him. In his nude scene, he’s forced to strip by his hostile, closeted boyfriend, played by Adam Driver, another actor I’ve followed & loved from the start of his stage career, though it never crossed my mind he’d ever become a screen star. In any event, Seth’s penis is long & shapely & uncut, with pendulous balls, foreskin overhang and an untended runway of black-fuzzy pubes (for a hint, check out his eyebrows). He & playwright Dan Talbot (another nice guy) revived the production in Los Angeles just last year. Probably a sellout there, too.

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