Vince Gatton in The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told. Photo by Matt M. Morrow.

The third inductee into the Male Nude Hall of Fame is gay actor Vince Gatton. Vince started skinning way back in the early part of the last decade. I first saw him when I was dragged to Party–not my kind of show, but Vince, a dark, petit beauty with a twink bod, stood out (so to speak), appearing nude for almost his entire stage time, giving everyone the pleasure of his lovely cock, black patch of bush, and best of all, his fabulously fuckable ass.Gatton PartyVince, center.

From there, he went on to skinning in The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told and other shows–in fact, it was news (as reported in TheatreMania) when he didn’t take his clothes off: (

Gatton1Gatton3Gatton6Photos by Matt M. Morrow

Now, he’s matured from being the naked youth with the tight boy pussy to a Drama Desk nominee who was recently in Cock, after showing his own so many times. Nice. Gatton5

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