(L-R) Paul Thureen, Chris Lowell, Hannah Bos
(L-R) Paul Thureen, Chris Lowell, Hannah Bos

Saw The Debate Society’s JACUZZI last week. The troupe is comprised of actor-playwrights Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen, under the direction of Oliver Butler brings their latest evocative dark comedy in NYC.The play is set in a Colorado ski chalet, circa 1991, with a real working jacuzzi. The audience does not have a clue who Bos and Thureen are and as the play goes on, clues are given to give us an idea who they are, like the father and son characters played by Peter Friedman and Chris Lowell, but not what they are capable of. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but the play is charming, although the ending seemed abrupt.Laura Jellinek’s set design is marvelous complete with a retro cassette stereo and TV/VCR, a pile of fluffy snow outside a sliding door, slanting wooden chalet ceilings, and of course the titular jacuzzi, where most of the play’s subtle story unfolds.

As for the nudity, only Thureen had some nudity. He showed his ass as he took a pee outside but we can only see that through the smoky glass door.  And although, the characters are all in their swimsuit while they are in the jacuzzi, they were all wearing shorts!

Too bad, Chris Lowell did not show any skin other than being shirtless.  His nipples are big and so suckable and his big ass clings so well to his wet shorts.  I notice, Chris was too careful not to show any of his junk as he keeps on pulling down his short.

Here is Chris Lowell’s ass which he posted before from his band’s website. Such a nice big ass.

chris lowell nudeAnd here’s the pic of the creative team. I actually find the director Oliver Butler hot (top left).

Jacuzzi continues through Saturday, November 8, 2014 at Ars Nova 54th St between 10 and 11 Ave.

NUDITY RATING: 2 (Thureen’s ass thru a glass door, but the play is charming in its own way that I enjoyed watching it)


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