I stumbled upon this in Theatermania and I was wondering if anyone have more info about this.  Their theme of DESIRE could very well contain some nudity, right? And if I’m not mistaken, Marco Calvani is also an actor and had extensive full frontal nudity in THE BORGIAS. I love a man who has the balls to show everything, and besides he is so cute!

From the press release:

AdA: Author directing Author
October 16, 2014 – November 2, 2014
La Mama First Floor Theatre

by Neil LaBute

directed by Marco Calvani
with Chris Henry Coffey and Jennifer Mudge
by Marco Calvani

directed by Neil LaBute
with Phil Burke and Meredith Forlenza.

Playwrights Neil LaBute and Marco Calvani reunite for the second ADA: Author Directing Author.LaBute and Calvani are both known for directing their own work. Here, each wrote a new play, on the theme of Desire, to be directed by the other.

Here’s the handsome and hot Marco Calvani:marco_calvani_photo_2

Borgia S01EP02[(069188)01-52-09] Borgia S01EP02[(068905)01-43-35] Borgia S01EP02[(068690)01-38-44] Borgia S01EP02[(068674)01-37-36] Borgia S01EP02[(068662)01-36-27] Borgia S01EP02[(068638)01-34-18] Borgia S01EP02[(067484)01-25-35] Borgia S01EP02[(067377)01-22-49] Borgia S01EP02[(030545)01-07-16]

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