Some of the reviews have mentioned that Vasili Bogazianos best known for his role as Benny Sago on the television series All My Children, is practically naked onstage for a long time except for the apron. I was wondering if the audience on the front row gets a peek at Vasili’s jewels….

From the press release:

After twenty years apart, Emma tracks down her ex-husband, cowboy poet Ulysses to a trailer park in the wilds of Colorado. In a grungy trailer, he is working on his magnum opus – hooked up to an oxygen tank – cooking inthe buff. Their reunion, charged by pain and compassion is both healing and humorous. ANNAPURNA is a breathtaking story about the longevity of love from the award-winning author of last season’s critically acclaimed THE OTHER PLACE.

From Hartford Courant: Annapurna, a two-hander demonstrating quite high levels of moment-to-moment acting process, continues at TheaterWorks in Hartford through November 9th. Sharr White’s dialogue is brisk, direct, and penetrating. Performances by Debra Jo Rupp as Emma and Vasili Bogazianos as Ulysses captivate throughout this 95-minute piece. These excellent actors agitate.

Evan Adamson’s design for a grungy, dirty trailer (one can imagine its scent) is superb. See clothing literally all over the interior and, for example, a “bed” in, to understate, disarray. Ulysses, who writes poetry, has an oxygen tank in a black case strapped upon his back. And save for a flimsy apron of sorts, the man, not taut, is naked. 

Bogazianos and Rupp
Bogazianos and Rupp
Vasili Bogazianos
Vasili Bogazianos

Annapurna continues at TheaterWorks in Hartford through November 9th, 2014. For tickets, call (860) 527-7838 or visit

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