Author Directing Author- DESIRE

Jennifer Mudge and Chris Henry Coffey
Jennifer Mudge and Chris Henry Coffey

La Mama presents two one acts . The theme is desire. The first one was HAPPY HOUR written by Neil Labute and directed by Marco Calvani and the second one is THE SECOND TIME written by Calvani and directed by LaBute. The two one acts complement each other.  I want to see a second half of LaBute’s one act. I want to know what happened after the first act.  Jennifer Mudge’s and Chris Coffey, who were recently married, has great chemistry t their interaction is quite electric, palpable inside the theater. And Coffey is a hot DILF!

In contrast, we can see the difference in Italian writing. Calvani’s dialogue is more formal, although it seemed more intellectualizing. But he also write an interesting one act because I want to see what happened before tis act.

Although I’m disappointed I understand why there was no nudity.


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