Dale informed about this review of Sex With Strangers at the Signature Theater

Excerpt from by Ms. Blanchard:

“The most unsettling aspect of Eason’s play is how powerfully it shows that getting naked has nothing to do with intimacy. “

The Broadway staging of this play starring Anna Gunn and Billy Magnussen did not have any nudity. I’m guessing the Signature Theater has more balls to stage a nude scene.

And Luigi is no stranger to nudity. He showed it in Philly when he played Joe Pitt in ANGELS IN AMERICA.

From the press release:

Sex with Strangers

October 14, 2014 – December 7, 2014

Washington, DC Premiere

A raging snowstorm traps strangers Olivia, an unsuccessful, yet gifted, thirty-nine-year-old writer, and Ethan, a tech-addicted and wildly successful young blogger, in a secluded cabin. Opposites instantly attract, undeniable chemistry ignites and sex is imminent. As the dawn rises, however, what could have just been a one-night-stand transforms into something more complicated when online exploits interfere with their real-life connection.

Starring Holly Twyford and Luigi Sottile

The performance will last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes and will have a 15 minute intermission. Be sure to arrive early; there are limited opportunities for late seating. Please note that there is strong sexual content and nudity in the show.

Holly Twyford and Luigi Sottile
Holly Twyford and Luigi Sottile

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