From the press release:

American Premiere

November 13, 2014 – November 15, 2014
8:00 PM
Experimental Theater

2013 Bessie Award winner Jaro Viarský returns to the Abrons with his newest duet,ANIMALINSIDE, a suite of poem-like stories, inspired by Hungarian novelist László Krasznahorkai and German painter Max Neumann’s book of the same title. This work for two dancers investigates the extreme states of a man’s relationship to his own body, to another man, and to viewers.

Jaro Viarský is a Slovakia based dancer and choreographer. He studied choreography in Bratislava and Prague. He is a long time collaborator of Karine Ponties of Dame de pic Ensemble and Pavel Zustiak’s company, Palissimo. In 2013 he was awarded a Bessie for his performance in Bastard, the first part of Palissimo’s Painted Bird trilogy. In 2004, Vinarsky, while performing in Prague, was awarded the Sazka Award for the Newcomer of The Year.

Performed by Jaro Viarský and Marek Mensik
Direction and choreography by Jaro Viarský
Lighting design by Tomas Moravek
Original score by Jan Burian
Produced by SKOK! (Slovakia


ANIMALINSIDE from SKOK! & jaroVinarsky on Vimeo.


  1. Saw this last year. The nudity is great, but you have to endure the bizarre and irritating music. Sitting anywhere is fine, but center is better.
    Another show alert: just saw Punk Rock in West village. Extreme on stage slaughter I have ever seen. Male nudity from a cute guy. But you need to sit on far side of audience right to see it. I missed it unfortunately.

  2. Saw Animalinside on Thursday. These two beautiful bodies are nude for the first 22 minutes of the piece. Modern dance lovers have seen Jaro nude before. BUT – his dance partner Marek is the total hottie…and really tall. As there is a lot of solo writhing and slow flipping over, I felt myself almost blushing about having such clear access to their beautiful body parts. After a blackout, they’re wearing shorts that look like canvas. They’re not wearing them for long. Marek undresses Jaro while he is flat out on the floor, then proceeds to bend over and remove his own. If you sit close, it’s like dropping dead and going straight to heaven. Later, there’s a sort of intermission – Jaro speaks to the audience stark naked, asking for people in the audience to lend him articles of clothing so he doesn’t have to perform the next section naked. While he is collecting clothes, Marek is stark naked performing his toilette – grooming and preening, all the while treating the audience as a mirror he’s looking into. Talk about watching a hunky man at his most private moments! Yum! FYI, some more nudity across town (and somewhat up) at the Joyce Theatre! American Dance Machine of the 21st Century is reviving One on One, the beautiful nude pas de deux from Oh Calcutta! The very sexy Craig Hall (from NYC Ballet) dances the role of Clarence…but only last night and tonight…go see it if you can get a ticket.

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