From one of our reader Remy:

“Saw Animal Inside on Thursday. These two beautiful bodies are nude for the first 22 minutes of the piece. Modern dance lovers have seen Jaro nude before. BUT – his dance partner Marek is the total hottie…and really tall. As there is a lot of solo writhing and slow flipping over, I felt myself almost blushing about having such clear access to their beautiful body parts. After a blackout, they’re wearing shorts that look like canvas. They’re not wearing them for long. Marek undresses Jaro while he is flat out on the floor, then proceeds to bend over and remove his own. If you sit close, it’s like dropping dead and going straight to heaven. Later, there’s a sort of intermission – Jaro speaks to the audience stark naked, asking for people in the audience to lend him articles of clothing so he doesn’t have to perform the next section naked. While he is collecting clothes, Marek is stark naked performing his toilette – grooming and preening, all the while treating the audience as a mirror he’s looking into. Talk about watching a hunky man at his most private moments! Yum! “8279812381_aa0ae42ddf_z 8280866294_c75a741a6f_z 8280869760_12de41728d_z

2013.07.26.-Jaro-Vinarsky-3 2013.07.26.-Jaro-Vinarsky-A

So definitely the NUDITY RATING for this is a perfect 5!— Moderator

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