And another one from Abrons Art Center Playhouse. Bravo!

— Moderator

szerelemtermeszete_domolky_WEB_02_logo_001From the press release:

December 5 | 7:30 PM
December 6 | 8 PM
$15 Suggested Donation:
Making their American debut, Radio Ballet presents The Nature of Love, a choreographed fictionalization of the private and shared experiences of the performers. Avoiding worn clichés of movements and gestures, their intimate duet is lyrical, unashamedly shy, and a wry commentary on the demented state called love.
After finishing her studies in the medium level Art School of Pécs and the Hungarian Dance Academy Bea Egyed became a freelance dance artist. The last couple of years she worked with several independent choreogrpahers such as, Rita Góbi, Klári Pataky, Ferenc Fehér, Eleonore Valere-Lachky and The Symptoms. In addition to her own projects she is currently working with the Éva Duda Dance Company.
After finishing his studies in the Epicentrum Dance School of Dunaújváros and the Hungarian Dance Academy Milán Újvári has been working with several companies such as Compagnie Pál Frenák, Cirque du Soleil-Delirium and Krétakör Theater. After that he became a freelancer dance artist working with choreographers like Anna Réti,Rui Horta, Nigel Charnock and Éva Duda. In addition to his own projects he teaches in several dance schools and studios in Europe.
Choreographed and performed by Bea Egyed and Milán Újvári


  1. Jeez, the Abrons Center must have some blog readers on their board lol. This is like the fourth or fifth performance with male nudity this fall! Lets hope the trend continues in the new year!

  2. Saw the second of only 2 performances of Hodworks’ Dawn tonight. Two men and two women completely nude for the entire piece – a very physically demanding dance. And you couldn’t hide in the back of the auditorium (oh, like our readership would really want to sit in the back!) – the audience is seated on the stage on all four sides. Needless to say the male body parts are right in your face. One guy was really handsome – a very nice build for a dancer. The other guy was lean – virtually no body fat. Just when you thought you couldn’t get away from their penises, their anuses were in our faces just as much. Not complaining!
    This was just a part of the banner weekend of male nudity – did anyone see FUCT Saturday night – Eric was doing more than his share of complete nudity, including a scene where he tries to slurp donut custard off of the head of his cock, and the other scene where Alison and Derek coat his crotch area with highly flammables and set fire to him. Brave man!

  3. Only one more performance tonite..the performance begins with them nude. The guy, Milán Újvári has a compact dancer body and as most Europeans are, uncut and untrimmed. This lasts for 5 minutes and he dresses on stage. Then at the last 5 minutes he comes back out nude and dances with someone from the audience. The entire performance is about 1 hour

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