Simon Stephen’s play occurs during the weeks leading to mock exams (a dry run for the real thing that will determine where the students go to college), which means everyone is on edge. The tension started high enough and I don’t want to give away any surprises but just to say that the play progress as hits its dramatic crescendo. And by the way, I love the subtle hint of bisexuality (I won’t tell who).  It’s just a disservice to the play though to choose the title PUNK ROCK.

The cast is amazing! Everyone is great and I can see these young actors the future of Hollywood.

Will Pullen’s cock is so freaking amazing! Long, thick cut cock, leans to the left and what a sight to behold! He has big and low hanging balls. And add his thick legs. Wow! Yum!a  Plus the slicked back hair and the school uniform makes Will uber hot! And look at that armpit. So likable!


NUDITY RATING: 4 (Will Pullen’s schlong is on display but only on A2 to A6 seat)

Punk Rock

By Simon Stephens; directed by Trip Cullman; sets by Mark Wendland; costumes by Clint Ramos; Presented by MCC Theater  At the Lucille Lortel Theater, 121 Christopher Street, West Village, 212-352-3101, mcctheater.org. Through Dec. 7. Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes.


  1. I agree: A beautiful body, of which he showed the upper half in The Wayside Motor Inn, Also, a terrific actor — this is very different part for him, and he handles it brilliantly (at the ridiculous age of 23). And the nudity is equally challenging: In a recent interview, he said he was “a pudgy little kid (who) got bullied all the time. It really distorted my body image. Even now.” Isn’t that astonishing? Man, if there are two things Will Pullen doesn’t have to worry about, it’s his acting ability and his body.

      1. The angle how Will was sitting is parallel to the front of the stage and he faces stage right. Thats why only those seats will have a view of his thick cock

      2. At approximately how far into the 1hr45min play does the nudity occur? I’m seeing it this weekend and want to be ready for it!! Thanks milutilu!!

  2. Well, the first time I saw it I sat in B4 and could see most of it if I leaned forward a bit. B6 would have a better view than B4 or B2, but not as good as the A-row seats in front of them or even B8. Any other seat in the house might be problematic, but don’t know for sure because I haven’t sat in them. Also, the chair that Will sits in after he takes down his pants is in a slightly different place every time; at one performance I attended, he actually moved the chair a few inches to the right just before using it. Also, he’s facing stage LEFT, audience right, which means you have to sit as far to the right as you possibly can, the closer the better. If you already have B2-6, use them in good health and keep your fingers crossed. As I’ve said, my view from B4, though far from perfect, was still worth the price of admission.

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