Farewell to 2014 and Happy 2015!

Austin Caldwell
Austin Caldwell

As 2014 comes to a close, let’s make a new year’s wish that 2015 will be just as good for nudity on the stage. We started the year off great with Thomas Bradshaw’s Intimacy with Austin Caldwell laying the goods out there for all to see and David Anzuelo’s showing his erect dick. We ended with Will Cullen showing his thick cock in Punk Rock. Along the way we had Jordan Geiger’s uncut member in The Correspondent, David Armanino and Jeff Ronan skinny dipping in Wild, Jacob Troy’s extended nudity in The Big Funk, Xavier Reminick’s one-man nudity filled performance in (Mary) Todd, and numerous others!

Animal Inside
Animal Inside

Not to mention the Abrons Art Center’s nudity-filled fall program with no less than five performances featuring copious male nudity. Favorites of mine from their program included the baffling but intriguing art piece Confusions with its gorgeous Croatian dancers and the Jaro Viarsky production Animal Inside where his dance partner Marek Mensik cleaned up completely nude on stage.

For me, the best production and best nudity of the year belongs to the Bats’ The Mysteries. A six hour performance might seem a bit daunting but the great production was vastly enjoyable. The cast gave their all and it showed. I am glad I was able to see this a second time to appreciate the nuances and interactions among the various stories and characters. The show also gave us a fully nude Adam in the Garden of Eden (played by Jaspal Binning in the first run and Kyle Hines in the second), a fresh from the dead nude Lazarus (played by Hines in the first run and Jack Gilbert in the second) and my favorite nude scene of the year, hunky Jesus played by the amazing Colin Waitt.

Sexy Jesus!
Sexy Jesus!

Here is hoping for a great 2015 and even more great opportunities for male nudity!

What was your favorite play/nude scene of the year?

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  1. One of my faves was Chris Stack in Gin Baby, which was not a good play, but he showed his beefy ass. Let’s hope in 2015 Chris will have a chance to show even more than his ass. And I really enjoyed Jesse Pennington’s cock in Booty Candy.

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