Who has the HOTTEST NUDE SCENE in 2014?

a0bce1c820f0fabe691c582ec02ccddfIt’s time for our annual poll. 2014 has been one of the best years for male nudity in New York theater scene as far as I can remember since I’ve started blogging about it. As I list all the brave actors who showed us their most intimate parts, the events this year that stood out for me are the following:

1. INTIMACY- The amount of male nudity, and the erect cock of David Anzuelo

2. FUCT NYC- These guys are consistent in showing us their junks especially Eric Eikey who’s becoming more and more daring in showing us everything including his hole!

3. The epic THE MYSTERIES- I have to give a thumbs up to Flea Theater Company for staging this play, plus the prolonged male nudity of Adam!

4. A shout out to ABRONS ARTS CENTER for importing these daring artists, dancers!

5. The beautiful cock of WILL PULLEN and the low hangers of JESSE PENINGTON

And I’d like to mention things that I miss and/or a let-down:

1. The shows in Fringe NYC that features male nudity- whatever happened o this festival?

2. Was there a NAKED HOLIDAYS 2014? Was I too busy the end of the year I missed this?

3. Ivo Van Hove’s staging of ANGELS IN AMERICA underwhelmed me. I was hoping more cocks.  What we got was just a tease.

I’m hoping 2015 will equal if not surpass the amount of skin we say the past year.

Let’s vote!


  1. Apparently Naked Holidays lost their rehearsal space this summer so.they went on hiatus. I was assured they would be back in 2015 but who knows? It was a bit disappointing ending the year without them.

  2. I think we ought to vote like individual film critics in polls, and assign weighted ballots to each of our top three choices: First place gets three votes, second place two votes and third place one. In that case, I vote #1) Will Pullen in Punk Rock #2) Jordan Geiger in The Correspondent and #3) Austin Cauldwell in Intimacy. Also, I think the dancers should be placed in a separate category from the actors, as the Clive Barnes awards do. Some of us don’t make efforts to see dancers with the same fervor that we do actors. My biggest regret: No votes on my ballot for The Mysteries, which is the production-with-nudity I enjoyed most this past season. Maybe an award for Cast Nudity? Anyhoo, that’s my two cents worth. I scratched a box for Mr. Pullen above, anyway.

  3. I’m feeling bad about the zero interest in Jordan Geiger’s heartstopping nudity in The Correspondent. which has made me reach for a word normally found in restaurant reviews: SUCCULENT. Foreskin fans know what I’m talking about; the rest of you haven’t lived.

    1. I was so, so sad to miss Jordan in The Correspondent. He looks adorable! From what I read the scene was pretty explicit (just said “graphic sex scene”) but can you describe what exactly happened on stage and what he looked like?

  4. Well, he’s pretending to be the deceased wife of the protagonist, so he’s dressed in a long, sheer tshirt that looks like a dress, under which he’s wearing tight briefs. He removes the shift and approaches the man to kiss him and the man feels up his crotch. He turns away away from the man and walks to center stage, turns back and removes his shorts. He stands naked for about 20 seconds. It’s interesting: In earlier performances, he always turned back to the man before removing his shorts, facing audience left, but in later performances, he took off his briefs facing audience right and then quickly turned back. It’s almost as if they decided not to cheat everybody on the right side of the house — at least give them a peek! And for good reason: It’s the most most beautiful uncut dick I have ever seen on a stage — plump, perfectly proportioned, delectable. (Close second: Seth Numrich’s, which, incredibly, appeared on the exact same stage on almost the exact same spot — talk about holy ground!)

    As for Punk Rock, which I also saw many times, the best seat wasn’t A2, A4 or A6, but A101 — it had a full view, but was six feet CLOSER, which, as age advances, you really appreciate The Correspondent, by contrast, was super close — that front row at Rattlestick can’t be beat. All in all: Will was more exciting, Jordan more erotic. But both sublime. (Ditto Seth).

  5. Oh: The protagonist also pretends to screw Jordan on the couch while the latter’s naked, but you really can’t see much.

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