Thank you guys for participating! An erect cock and a huge schlong beat the low hanging balls!

IMG_0699And the winners for the HOTTEST NUDE SCENE IN 2014 are David Anzuelos nude scene in Thomas Bradshaw’s INTIMACY jerking his cock and showing the audience in full view his erect cock and Will Pullen‘s scene in PUNK ROCK pulling his pants down and spreading his legs wide to show off his long and thick cock.  In close second is Jesse Pennington’s scene in BOOTY CANDY showing us his goods including his low hanging balls with his robe wide open.

I think these 3 scenes really stood out.  Next year, I’ll ask you guys to vote for your 3 favorite scenes because I know it is really hard, pun intended,  just to choose one. And from your suggestions I’m going to include categories for BEST NUDE ENSEMBLE  and BEST NUDE DANCE SCENE.

Here’s hoping more nudity this year!

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  1. Congratulations, Will! Even clothed his picture gets me going. And if he wins the Clive Barnes Award on Jan. 26 for his performance in The Wayside Motor Inn, he’ll be the only person in theatrical history to win honors for his acting AND his nudity.

    Milu: Thank you for the poll and your planned changes for next year, all of which sound great. May I add just one? Can’t we arrange to have some sort of plaque made to give to the winner? Will personally deliver to any stage door.

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