From the Moderator: Will Body of Words the 1st play of 2015 to show full frontal? I wonder what they meant by “occasional nudity”

bodyofwordsFrom the press release:

Theater for the New City presents :
Body of Words
Jan 14, 2015 through Jan 25, 2015 Limited Engagement
A tale of suspicion and reconciliation that evokes the homecoming of Odysseus.

Two strangers- a seasoned older man and a young man- meet on a deserted stretch of beach at the end of a summer day. Each in his way has traveled a long, lonely distance from family and in search of home. A sexual contract is established between them. But suspicion and violence ensue, and by morning’s first light, an inescapable bond has joined the two men together. They are changed forever. Body of Words contains occasional nudity. It is performed without intermission and there is no late seating.



  1. I saw this a few days ago. The play starts off with the younger guy (marek Pavlovski) pulling up his boxers.. if you sit at the foot of the bed you will see a brief glimpse of him. then a little over 1 hour in, he strips off his boxers but leaves his shirt on and lies on the bed. you will see him if you sit at the foot of the bed. He will get off the side of the bed (his left side- based on how he is oriented) and you see a few seconds of his trimmed cut cock as he puts on his boxers. Then at the end (around 90 minutes) he strips off eveyrthing and lies on the bed on his back. then the older guy comes onto the stage with a shirt on only as he sits on the right side of the bed (if you are standing at the foot of the bed). The dialog is a few minutes. The older guy then strips off his clothes and walks off stage. He is bushy and cut. It was an ok play. The stage has rows of seats at the head of the bed and a row on each side of the bed. I sat on the side of the bed on the side of the entrance and think it would have been better to have sat on the entrance side at the foot of the bed

  2. I’m not sure, but I still think the sides are best because you are closer. The longest nude scene is at the end and maybe sitting in the rows (further in the back maybe) gives you a more direct view but you would be further away

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