Marek Pavlovski and Bruch Reed

In Body of Words, Vincent Sessa has written a two-character in a one act play. At the start, two men, one probably in his late teens or early twenties, and a somewhat older but not old fellow, are lying in bed, and they have just completed a sex act. The older guy, Norman, has paid a thousand dollars to perform five acts of oral sex on the young man, named Boyd. The act just completed is the fourth one. Norman is also offering five hundred dollars more if he can take the sex further, an offer which Boyd firmly and aggressively refuses.

The key to succeed here is to develop multi-layered characters and keep the audience guessing what is going to happen.  Thank God the play has plenty of graphic sex talk along with moments of nudity that kept me and the rest of the audience from nodding off. Although I must say it has some very good moments.  But Sessa was unable to sustain it because he cluttered the play with seemingly random exposition and philosophical verbiage that it made me want to fall asleep.

The play ended uncertainly but I won’t reveal the surprise at the end.

The two actors — Bruch Reed as Norman and Marek Pavlovski as Boyd — played their roles well but Marek looks too old for the part.  He was suppose to be in his teens. The set was designed awkwardly with the head of the bed closer to the main audience and there are seats on both sides of the bed.

Bruch Reed has a smooth ass, circumcised cock.  He kept his plaid shirt when he showed his cock towards the end of the play.  I didn’t get to see how hairy his chest was but I saw a hint of chest hair.  I sat at side (right side of the bed) and I got to see more of his cock and hairy balls since I had the side view. I think the audience sitting at the center is blocked by Reed’s plaid shirt.  At the end, he finally took off his plaid shirt but his back is facing the audience.  We got to see his smooth ass.

Marek showed his thick circumcised cock more often. His pubes are trimmed and he has tight smooth balls.  His ass and legs are amazing.  Again, if you sit at the side, you can see more of Marek even when he wears his boxers since he likes to spread his legs and you can get a view of his jewels from time to time.

Not a bad first play with male nudity in New York stage at all.


Catch this play. Closing on the 25th!

Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave. (at E. 10th Street)

January 1 to 25, 2014

Wed-Sat 8 P.M
Sun 3P.M


  1. Thanks for the info. When you say “right side of bed” do you mean right while looking at the bed or right while lying in the bed. In other words, do we sit on the older, bearded actor’s side or the younger, smoother-skinned side?

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