Oh my God! A personal highlight already this early in 2015! Our 2014 winner Will Pullen in the buff!

Thank so much to a friend of mine who brought me along to the developmental workshop of Daniel Talbott’s play GRAY, presented by {YOUR NAME HERE} A Queer Theater Company.

GRAY is the story of two 19th century whalers, trapped by bad weather in a tiny boarding house room in the coast of Northern California, plagued by cabin fever and fever dreams.

The play’s theme is one of the most universal plot, unrequited love. I will not comment on the play because it is in development but one thing I can say, it was very touching.

And I can’t believe the amount of nudity in this 3 character play. The two male actors Chris Bellant and Will Pullen was fully naked in this show.

Will is half naked most of the play. I love his big nips and hairy chest and armpits! I could just lick it non stop! Two instances where he was fully naked. At the beginning of the play and in the middle.  He just finished fucking Chris and he got out of the bed and washed himself for about 5 minutes without any stitch on.  The only lighting was from the candle he was using but I can still make out that thick cock and this time, he let his pubic hair grow!  I was just in heaven!  And his ass is very nice too!  I love Will for being very comfortable with stage nudity.

As for Chris, twice he got naked too, when he has sex with the prostitute and when Will humiliated him.  This time the lighting was really bright and you can see Chris’ uncut cock very clearly.

It is produced by {YOUR NAME HERE} A Queer Theater Company, and will be at the Times Square Arts Center from January 19 until January 25th. It’s free and I heard it is sold out but the have a wait list. Today the 24th there’s going to be a 2pm show on Saturday and a 2pm and 7pm show on Sunday the 25th.  e-mail 

And I hope this play gets produced soon and Will should still be the main actor!


Chris Bellant and Will Pullen
Chris Bellant and Will Pullen


  1. By Sunday Will had given himself a pubic haircut and did not appear to be of the 1800’s at all. That was okay since the dialogue was all wrong for the era. I won’t give it away because it is my hope they will develop it beyond that horrific ‘purgatory’ scene.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Milu. It was a great get — how did you hear about it, where did you sit and which performance did you attend? I raced down on Saturday (too late), but caught it on Sunday (the last show was 5:30, not 7) and I have to say, nudity-wise, I was disappointed. Unless you were sitting on the far-audience right, with your back to the adjacent wall, the view, with the lighting, was indistinct; on the far left, where I was sitting, it was pretty much a silhouette. As for the second nude scene with Will, I did get a little butt crack, despite the dim lighting. If I hadn’t had such vivid memories of Punk Rock, I’d have been bitterly frustrated. Also, on the left, you got a close view of Chris Bellant’s dick flopping out when the prostitute pulls down his johns, and his bigger nude scene is fascinating because it’s almost a replay of the scene in Slipping where Adam Driver commands Seth Numrich to strip; the playwright, Dan Talbott (such a sweet guy), obviously has a subconscious thing about rough trade ordering tender gay boys to take off their clothes. Hey, Dan, let’s try it the other way around next time!

    Two other memorable sightings: At both Saturday’s and Sunday’s performances who was there but Will’s poll co-winner, David Anzuelo. Was he scouting out the competition or just enjoying himself like the rest of us? Also had a lively chat with Melissa Leo, who was told to come see the play by Estelle Parsons; do you think their Best Supporting Actress Oscars talk behind their backs? What’s striking to me about Leo’s reference is that the last time I saw Parsons in a theater audience was 30 years ago for Salonika, in which Maxwell Caulfield had one of the all-time great nude scenes. Is it possible Estelle Parsons is a fan of male nudity in New York theater and a reader of this blog? I sure hope so. We love you, Estelle! And you, too, Melissa!

    And speaking of loving actors: I’m beginning to think Will Pullen was invented just to make my life a happier place. I could watch him all day and all night and always be surprised. I want to see him play every conceivable part, some of them clothed. If he wins the Clive Barnes award this afternoon — Go, Will! — it will be the first of many.

    Thanks again for the heads up, Milu — from now on, every day, I’m tying in my favorite actors’ names into the search bar of, the only website that alerted the existence of Gray before it played.

  3. Thanks for the tip, I requested to be waitlisted at the last performance last Sunday and they allowed me in. I sat close to where the basin was where Will Pullen washed his private parts and butt 2 feet away. I was in heaven.

    Yes David Anzuelo was there too in the audience. He was introduced by Dan Talbott as the choreographer of the fight scenes.

  4. I’m so jelly, Lucy! Next time I’m wait listed I wanna be next to you. Were there many people waiting? (And thanks for the logical explanation of Anzuelo’s omnipresence).

  5. I was 8 on the waitlist. only 3 showed up so we were all let in and there still two empty seats when the performance started.

  6. You really lucked out, congrats. The problem with the performance I attended is that almost every seat was reserved and the closer you were to Dan the closer you were to that basin. Also, people were calling 10 minutes before curtain and asking if they could drop by, so that even after we were all seated Dan was still setting up chairs. What surprises me about your experience is that the most vacant seats were the most prized — they weren’t even marked as “reserved”? Maybe some VIP’s just didn’t show. Thanks for your input, lucy.

  7. Lucy, one last question: When you were ushered into the room were you directed to a seat or did you get to choose your own?

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