This show might have possible male nudity…

FESTEN by David Eldridge
Directed by Anouk Kemp
Produced by Elaine Carberry & Elizabeth Goodman

You’re invited! It’s Helge’s 60th birthday and we would love for you to join our festive table for lobster soup, wine from the cellar and dangerously candid guests.

The blueprint of a family is often made of secrets and veiled truths protected by a code of silence. Yet the guests who join us for FESTEN will ultimately witness the tremendous strength and fearlessness demonstrated by the individuals who attempt to overcome this code of silence, revealing the beauty and the courage necessary to unearth truth in our own lives.

Starring Alan Altschuler*, Lauren Cipoletti*, Savvy Crawford, Steven Fogelman* Josh Frank*, Nico Kiefer, Sophie Labelle, Gareth Lawson, Deborah Offner*, Seth Reich*, Tyler Reilly, Peter Romano, Vanessa Vaché & Matthew Whitfield.

The Connelly Theater
220 East 4th STreet
New York,NY 10013
January 28-31, 2015

$15 General Admission/$5 Seniors

Free with any valid CUID or student ID;
Enter the code student to reserve your free ticket.
You must present your ID with the confirmation at the door.

1/28 Wednesday @ 8:30pm
1/29 Thursday @ 8:30pm
1/30 Friday @ 8:30pm
1/31 Saturday @ 3:00pm
1/31 Saturday @ 8:30pm

1 Comment

  1. Saw this on Broadway years ago & there was no nudity, though it did have Ali MacGraw. The movie it was based on didn’t have much nudity, either. It’s about adult children confronting their father about having molested them, so its specialty isn’t exactly eroticism. Very high-minded, TV-movie-of-the-week stuff. The play was overrated when it was staged in London & I knew that if they brought it over here the American cast would be blamed for ruining it, which is exactly what happened. You’d have to change a lot of things to make this hyperventilating melodrama work — and, of course, in our view, male nudity always helps!

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