Posterity_web_show-pageFrom the press release:

World Premiere

a new play written & directed by DOUG WRIGHT

Feb.25-April 5, 2015

Linda Gross Theater, 336 W 20th St.
Running Time: TBD

Atlantic is thrilled to welcome the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright of I Am My Own Wife, Quills, and Grey Gardens for the world premiere of his latest work, Posterity, commissioned by the company.

Norway’s most celebrated sculptor is hired to create the last official bust of its most famous writer, but Henrik Ibsen proves to be an irascible, contentious sitter, as the two men wage war over both his legacy and his likeness. With his inimitable wit and insight, Doug Wright explores the nature of artistic success and the fear of being forgotten.

From the moderator: Casting notice is not reliable but as per notice the role of Anfinn Beck HAS NUDITY. Mickey Theis will play the role of Anfinn.

Cast of Posterity. Mickey Theis is in extreme right
Cast of Posterity. Mickey Theis is in extreme right

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  1. Saw first performance. No frontal nudity, just incredibly elaborate peekaboo stuff at the top of not one but TWO acts. I actually looked in the program for the credit “Choreography Concealing Penis.” Maybe future performances will be different …

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