Stephen Plunkett and Robert Cuccioli
Stephen Plunkett and Robert Cuccioli

The Off Broadway revival of Joe Pintauro’s SNOW ORCHID, originally presented back in 1982, has stood the test of time.  The Lazarra’s dysfunctional family’s woes still ring true up till today and their pathos are as high as ever. It might have been overwrought compared to today’s plays but it is still enjoyable.  The cast is excellent led by Robert Cuccioli (who I find a DILF) the father and Stephen Plunkett, the son. The main problem of this current incarnation is the listless direction and the horrible set design. The stage is so cramped that you feel for the actors when they try to squeeze into a small square representing the bedroom.  It was more of a distraction than an aid to help tell the story.  Thank God the ensemble is amazing and they kept the evening highly entertaining.

I was happy to see Mr.Cuccioli shirtless.  I love a daddy! And his big nipples as he changed his shirt in Act One is so lickable!

But the most awesome thing of the night belongs to Stephen Plunkett’s balls!  It is humongous and it almost slapped Robert’s face as Stephen takes his towel off while his father is kneeling before him during the Second Act! He has a lithe body, minimal chest hair but his bubble butt is so hairy! He is circumcised with untrimmed pubes. Yay!  I would say his cock is not small but because his balls are gigantic it dwarfs it. The best seat will be the first few rows, center and slightly right of the center audience seats to get the best view of Stephen. You can even see his hairy hole as he bends when he puts his boxer shorts back.

NUDITY RATING: 5 (Amazing balls!)

Presented by: Miranda Theatre Company

The Lion Theatre
2/3/15 – 2/28/15
$46.25 – $56.25

About the Show:
It’s 1964 Brooklyn and Rocco Lazarra is returning home to face his family after having suffered a nervous breakdown. His fiery wife, Filumena, longs for her native Sicily, while their two sons hope for a better life. As secrets are revealed, everyone is forced to re-examine their relationships, fears and dreams in this explosive family drama.


  1. Thanks, guys, for the tip on where to sit — you steered me right & it was worth the trip! Who knew Stephen Plunkett had Paul Newman’s torso from the ’60s, Tom Selleck’s legs from the ’80s and Paul Bunyan’s testicles from my imagination? Intensely erotic (the photo doesn’t do it justice). I was also startled by the explicitly incestuous plotting; how many men do you know French kiss their mother and have a boyfriend on the side? (Don’t answer that). The play bitterly understands “this Sicilian thing,” as Diane Keaton puts it in The Godfather Part II, though the thing here has nothing to do with the mafia. Btw, male nudity fans, the younger brother is played by David McElwee, who had the nude scene (getting in and out of the tub) in The Wayside Motor Inn, co-starring our cover boy, Will Pullen. Small world, and a beautiful one, thanks to these guys (all exceptional actors who tell Fear to go fuck itself).

  2. Just got back from seeing this play, think it was the last performance. I’m in love with Plunkett. Very nice Ken doll obliques and what a nice set of low hangers. All too quick, wish he would play Kippy in “Take Me Out.” I even thought about waiting at the stage door and offering him money to rest those nuts on my nose, but I do have some dignity left.

  3. Stephen Plunkett’s balls are indeed HUGE. He’s a hot man with a great body and a hot hairy ass to boot! Thanks for the heads up on this one!

  4. Kippy WOULD be a good part for him, fipines, Shane maybe even better (a bigger stretch for him). There’s not a lot of him on film, but I found a good, Cassavetes-like short with him on Vimeo called Rolling on the Floor Laughing. No nudity, but incredibly, he plays a man with a brother, an unwanted father figure and a mother he tries to kiss passionately on the lips. Already a theme emerges! He also did a movie called The Mend, where he & Josh Lucas play brothers, but I can’t find it anywhere.

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