Out of State: OCTOPUS in Fort Lauderdale


From our reader nudepreston:

This is a 5-star Nude Rating!

January 29 – March 1, 2015

After young couple Kevin and Blake engage in an adventurous and hastily planned night of group sex with the older, more “experienced” Max and Andy, they are left trying to salvage their relationship after a pummeling mix of jealousy, betrayal, telegrams from a soaking wet delivery boy and a ravenous sea monster from the ocean floor. This universal love story rendered through a post-modern gay lens. This play involves special effects that will surprise and engage the audience.



Performing at Empire Stage

1140 N. Flagler

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304


At the end of the first scene the entire cast slowly strips totally nude—many times facing directly into the audience of the 54-seat theatre—and a beautifully choreographed orgy commences. Everything is seen—nothing is hidden. Not only is there four nude men onstage, but the play has received rave reviews from all of the mainstream press and highly recommended for many local awards.


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    YES – four young dudes hiding nothing

    1. Thanks Preston, that is what I feared. If only I was rich and could fly down to Fort Lauderdale to catch a performance this weekend! Four naked actors inches away from the audience – sounds amazing!

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