From the press release:

From the author of The Whipping Man and Somewhere. After a personal tragedy, Jonathan has withdrawn from the world, with little social life beyond the men he meets online. When charming, flighty Claire moves into the apartment upstairs, she tries to coax him out of his shell. They forge a tenuous connection, but the past reverberates into the present, threatening what happiness they’ve found.

By Matthew Lopez
Directed by Maxwell Williams

Running time: 2 hours, 10 minutes with 1 intermission.

Recommended for ages 18+
Adult themes, language, nudity, violence.

Ticket Prices
$25 | $39 | $55 | $70 | $85
Student Ticket Prices
All Student Seats $20.
Hartford Stage

Claire- Aya Cash

Wes-Carl Lundstedt

Jonathan-Luke Macfarlane
Casting notice state: “‘Reverberation’ is a new, contemporary, three-character play (two men and one woman) set in New York. There are sexual situations, and nudity is required for all characters. 


  1. Wait, I’m reading this correctly? Luke MacFarlane is in this and his role calls for nudity? Can anyone confirm what we see? I live about 3 hours away from Hartford, but it’s worth the drive depending on the amount of nudity that we see from him.

    1. I am seeing this next week so will report on what I see. One of the interviews I read about the show mentioned something about two naked actors on stage during one scene so I assume it is a sex scene between Luke’s character and the other actor (since Luke’s character is gay). Should be interesting.

      1. Awesome. Looking forward to your update. I’ll likely end up making the trip up anyway, but it will be good hear to what you say. Plus, the reviews all sound like it’s going to be pretty decent too.

  2. How’d it go? We are all dying to hear about Luke MacFarlane and if we should be trekking out to Hartford!!

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