American Rep Production of Britannicus

This is about as vintage as I can get, as it was 8 years ago and I was only 21 at the time, but I was going to school in Boston and I saw a production of this classic (I guess) play at American Repertory Theatre. I’m pretty sure the original didn’t begin with sexy young emperor Nero entering in leather biker gear that he strips off to take a shower, but that’s what happened in this production. This was the first nude dude I ever saw on stage, and the actor was Alfredo Narciso. What a booty-ful ass he had! Round, beefy, hairy, and wet–ripe and ready for plowing. I’ve seen Alfredo in other shows in New York since, but what I will always remember is him showing off those moist cakes. He was pure sex. A blow-up of a pic showing Alfredo’s hairy belly:

Narciso 1

And here’s another from the show:


Though on closer inspection, it looks like his zipper’s down:

Narciso 2

Did he have trouble keeping it in his pants?

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