I’ve seen Chico or Marwan Kenzari in two of Ivo Van Hove’s projects with Toneelgroep Amsterdam. First in Teorema In Governor’s Island and most recently in Angels in America at BAM. His nudity in both are somewhat obscure. I thought at first that maybe there is no reason for it in Teorema but then in Angels in America which I have seen so may times, the nudity is in front of your face but not his, in Van Hove’s Angels in America. It made me think, Ivo Van Hove has no problem with full frontal in your face in most of his plays but why so discreet in these two plays I have mentioned. So I came to the conclusion maybe it is Kenzari’s choice then.
Marwan Kenzari trained at the renowned Theater Academy Maastricht, and has had featured roles in many award winning plays. He made his screen debut in 2009 in MAITE WAS HERE, followed by the lead in Alex van Warmerdam’s THE LAST DAYS OF EMMA BLANK. After winning acclaim in the heralded crime drama, LOFT, Marwan collaborated with director Jim Taihattu on RABAT and WOLF – with a third film in development. Next up are three features: STREETS OF HEARTS, THE DISAPPEARANCE OF VERA MULLER (wt) and LUCIA DE B.

So it was to my surprise to find these screen caps of Kenzari in the nude in his recent film,Bloedlink. Finally we can ogle at his nakedness as long as we want! He is gorgeous! Love those very bushy pubes! He has been gaining popularity in the movies, the most famous was Wolf. Thanks to Restituda for the screen caps! Enjoy guys!


L_menshealth_chicokenzari_10Bloedlink[(072358)13-18-03] Bloedlink[(072144)13-14-48] Bloedlink[(072125)13-14-02] Bloedlink[(071408)13-12-27] Bloedlink[(010882)12-19-18] Bloedlink[(010880)12-19-13] Bloedlink[(010876)12-19-02] Bloedlink[(010870)12-18-49] Bloedlink[(010868)12-18-44] Bloedlink[(010866)12-18-40] Bloedlink[(010864)12-18-36] Bloedlink[(010862)12-18-31] Bloedlink[(010859)12-18-23] Bloedlink[(010855)12-18-14] Bloedlink[(010852)12-18-07] Bloedlink[(010850)12-18-02] Bloedlink[(010848)12-17-58] Bloedlink[(010823)12-16-56] Bloedlink[(057222)13-01-27] Bloedlink[(076011)13-53-27] Bloedlink[(076012)13-53-29] Bloedlink[(076013)13-53-33] Bloedlink[(076093)13-55-11] Bloedlink[(076119)13-55-39] Bloedlink[(076214)13-58-07] Bloedlink[(076849)14-00-32] Bloedlink[(077420)14-01-58] Bloedlink[(077442)14-02-49] Bloedlink[(078243)14-05-30] Bloedlink[(075545)13-49-27] Bloedlink[(075380)13-48-09] Bloedlink[(074284)13-46-49] Bloedlink[(074279)13-46-37] Bloedlink[(074276)13-46-30] Bloedlink[(074274)13-46-26] Bloedlink[(074272)13-46-21] Bloedlink[(074270)13-46-16] Bloedlink[(074268)13-46-11] Bloedlink[(074266)13-46-06] Bloedlink[(074264)13-46-00] Bloedlink[(074262)13-45-55] Bloedlink[(074246)13-45-13]

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