Review: Reverberation

10443545_10152935467199130_2395528694644949001_nOk, so I am just going to cut to the chase: there is good news and bad news. The bad news is Luke MacFarlane does not go fully nude. In fact, the only nudity he has is during the sex scene that opens the play. Due to lighting and blocking choices, you really cannot see much though. After his Grindr trick goes to the bathroom to clean up, Luke’s character Jonathan quickly puts on his boxers (boxers? what kind of gay guy is he lol). Since he is sitting when he does it, you do not see anything. Honestly though, I do not think it was an acting decision to forgo the nudity – it completely makes sense character wise for Jonathan to want to get dressed quickly and get the Grindr trick out the door. So that is disappointing. (Reading his “two actors naked on stage” comment, it now to me seems like Luke is saying you can have a scene be even more intimate than one that is just “two actors naked on stage”.)

Now for the good news! The Grindr trick, Wes, is far more comfortable with nudity! After emerging from the bathroom, Wes has a lengthy conversation with Jonathan completely in the nude. For several minutes Wes stands in the altogether, not a care in the world! The actor playing Wes, Carl Lundstedt, has a college-jockish body. His dick is decent sized with tight balls and a nice smattering of pubes. For best viewing, sit in either the center or center-left sections or the audience left section. DO NOT sit in the audience right section, both for the nudity and for the play itself. Several scenes take place on a stairway on the audience left side that appears cut off from view for those sitting in audience right. Kind of a strange staging choice.


As for the play, it was equal parts funny and heartbreaking. It is the story of two lonely souls, a gay man with a tragic backstory and a restless woman, who become each other’s support system. However, the tragic past threatens to derail everything. As the two leads, Luke and Aya Cash are marvelous. They give amazing performances and you really get to know their characters. In spite of that, the character I came away feeling the most for was Wes, the Grindr trick. He reappears later on in the play and his character’s true depths are shown, revealing him as tragic as the other two. Lundstedt is a little green but it totally works for his character.

All in all, a pretty great night of theater (I think I would have enjoyed it even more if there wasn’t the anticipation of “Is this going to be Luke’s nude scene…is this…is this oh crud its over”). If you are in the Hartford area, go see it right away! If you are in the NYC area, it is a judgement call whether you want to trek the journey to Hartford. I don’t think you will be disappointed but two plus hours to get there might be a little daunting.

Nudity rating: 5 (once you get over the initial Luke disappointment. On the plus side, there are several nice shirtless scenes for him).


  1. Thanks for the review. To be honest, it looks likes this is actually good new for me. My husband just go stuck working next weekend and then I’m away until the show closes, so I wasn’t going to be able to go. And I would have been really disappointed to hear that I missed Luke in the buff. That being said, it does sound like a great show. Maybe if it gets an extension, I’ll make the trip!

  2. What a wonderfully detailed & frank report. There’s a job for you in the CIA, calvin! You’ve told us everything we need to know about whether or not to take the trip (especially in THIS weather). Thanks.

  3. Darn I am seeing it next week in the center section but one seat right of center would that still gove a good enough view?

  4. Thanks for the review Calvin and I completely agree with your comments. I also was disappointed about Luke’s no frontal but I was impressed that Carl Lundstedt had no qualms showing everything on a well lit scene! His cock is thick and circumcised. And yes, get the seat closer to the stage because even at the front seat I felt I was kind of far from the stage. Center or bit of center and more to the audience left are the best to see Carl in the nude longer, although I think all seats has a full view of him.

  5. I’m still debating whether or not to trek out to Hartford. Can you guys talk a little more about the scene? For example, how long does it last? (I read on Twitter 10 minutes?!) Does the play start off with them naked in bed, or do they strip on stage? (I’m trying to figure out where those YouTube clips in which they discuss books fit in. Are they talking about books, and then they start making out and wind up in bed? Or is that an entirely different scene?) And Carl just walks around the stage completely naked the entire time? Thanks in advance for the extra details!

    1. Toocool, the opening scene is their sex scene, staged in dim light. Carl gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom, emerging about a minute later. I would say his full nude scene lasts a little shy of five minutes (it is not too lengthy but pretty substantial; there is no coy hiding behind anything. He is fully exposed the whole time). The YouTube clips occur after both characters get dressed.

  6. Thanks for your comments. I’m making the trek this Saturday and was torn about either trying to go further back so I could sit more to the left or keeping my seat on the third row. But, I think I will keep my seat.

    1. M_lo, which section are you in? If you are in section C, D, E or F you will be good. All the sections do give a view of the nudity, some just show more of it than the others. Most of the nudity takes place in the living room part of the set though it starts and ends in the bedroom portion. Hope you enjoy!

  7. Thanks for the info. I am in section D on the third row, two right of the center, so hopefully it is a good view. There are seats further back on the left side, but according to Milutilu, I think it would better to be closer.

      1. I thought it was a well acted play and worth the trek. I was in the third row and feel that it was kinda far back -enough that I almost felt like I needed binoculars. everyone is correct in that you should sit more towards the left and closer to the front. Although he does walk around but you get the longest views when sitting on the audience left. Are u going to go, toocoool?

      2. I wasn’t able to go, unfortunately. Didn’t work out with my schedule. Hopefully it will come to NYC soon.

        General FYI — The Mystery of Love and Sex at Lincoln Center apparently has frontal nudity. An actor named Mamoudou Athie.

  8. Christopher Isherwood’s review yesterday in the Times, which reproduced the top photo above, was strong enough to bring the play to New York.

    1. Welw, that would be great if it did, both for us and the actors. They deserve to have it shown in NYC (I have this fantasy that one day they are going to announce NY runs of this play, and the London productions of My Night with Reg and Gods and Monsters lol. Hopefully at least makes it to NYC)

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