Posting our reader Daveliam’s review of the GLASS PROTEGE. Thanks Dave!

“If anyone is interested, I saw Glass Protege this evening. The play itself left a little to be desired. The romance plot between Pat (Chazie Bly) and Harp (Baird Brustcher) was a bit cliche and needed more development. The acting of  several characters (Harp, George, and Nella) need more ummph. But in general, it was an interesting “old Hollywood” style romance plot and the story involves both historic (1949) and “contemporary” (1989) storylines. Pat (both the young and older actor), Candice, and Ava all acted very well and engaging. Overall, I found the play to be enjoyable.

With regards to nudity: Both Chazie and Baird went fully nude in two scenes. In Act One, Scene 4, Baird strips naked in front of both Chazie and the Candice character. He has a muscular hairy body with trimmed pubes and an average sized cut penis and full, tight balls. He’s naked in this scene for about 3-4 minutes (Included walking around the set and sitting on a couch with Chazie).

In Act One, Scene 6, Chazie does a full nude slow strip, with his back to the audience. The strip lasts about a minute or so, going from fully dressed in a tux, to fully nude. If you sit audience right, you will see full-frontal. Otherwise, everyone (regardless of seat) will enjoy him nude from the rear.

In Act Two, Scene 3, both Chazie and Baird start the scene fully nude, but are under the covers. Eventually, Chazie gets out of bed, treating the audience left to a full frontal view. He has a lean, hairless body, with trimmed pubes, an average, thin, cut penis, and low hanging balls. After a few seconds, Baird gets out of bed as well and treats the audience to another full frontal view. It’s definitely enjoyable and more than enough.

The theater only sells general admission tickets, so you can select your seat if you get there early enough. Regardless of where you sit, you should be able to see both actors fully nude. If you want to see the frontal view of Chazie at the end of Act 1, sit far audience right towards the front of the stage. I sat far audience left and missed on the frontal in that scene, but it ended up being a moot point since he bared all a few scenes later.

Overall, it’s totally worth the $40 ticket price both for the nudity, but also for a cute (if somewhat cliche and shallow) gay themed old-Hollywood style story. ”

Nudity Rating: 5/5


  1. Thanks for the review! This was the US premeire and once this run is over a London production opens for a couple of weeks. Hopefully a NY production is not far behind.

    1. I’m actually a NY guy myself but was just in Chicago for business and thought I’d check it out based on seeing it highlighted on this blog . If a NY production happened, I’d definitely go see it again, even if it’s a little cliche.

  2. Thanks so much for the review. It would be really helpful to all reviewers if they would please post the city in the title for out of town shows. Thanks all! Love this site! xo

  3. Show alert: NYC Ars Nova theater: Small Mouth Sounds.
    I bought a tix for this show, but can’t make it. So a friend went in. And according to what he told me, there is full nudity from Babak Tafti for like 5 minutes.

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