030815-f-dalemickey-50pWho wouldn’t want to know what Henrik Ibsen thought during his latter days of his life?  Apparently Doug Wright thought this plot is worth writing.  And I completely disagree.  This play is self-serving.  I was bewildered why Atlantic Theater Company chose to stage this. The plot is so boring unless you are an avid fan of Ibsen.  The dialogue is wordy and long-winded. But I’d like to commend the technical team as well as the cast for a job well-done. The sculpture studio is stunning.  John Noble as Ibsen expectedly excels.

As for the nudity, Mickey Theis as Anfinn Beck plays as the model/assistant to Hamish Linklater’s Gustav Vigeland so he is nude at the top of the two acts, albeit, covered with dirty linen strategically placed to hide Mickey’s genitals.  I would say, no member of the audience can see the same nudity from him as it depends on what Mickey accidentally shows. I sat at the from row so I was able to have a glimpse of his cut cock and low hanging balls when he gets up and starts to get dressed. The other character Greta holds the linen to cover Mickey as he gets dressed.  I don’t know if the audience at the extreme left or extreme right were able to see anything.  One thing that Mickey showed is his very bushy pubes and his somewhat hairy ass in both acts.

Unless you are really attracted to Mickey or really love Ibsen, you can skip this one.

NUDITY RATING: 3 (I’m giving it in general as I was just fortunate to glimpse his cock by chance under the cover)


  1. I give it a nudity rating of negative 3 — minus one point for the left nut, another point for the right nut and a third point for the penis. It’s one of the deliberate CHEATS of the season. I’d much rather watch Derek Hough’s denin-clad crotch in the Spring Spectacular at Radio City. You don;t see anything, but it sends you home with dreams of lick-licking hope.

  2. Truly a terrible play. I also got a flash of cock at one or two points, but man, Theis can NOT act. And the show just droned on. I hated the whole thing.

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